What to do when stuck in an afternoon slump.

In case any of you were wondering (I don’t blame you if you didn’t wink ) my “friend” hasn’t called back yet…

Did you know I walked along an unknown highway for an hour in the dark  IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY (class trip to France… boyoboy do I have stories tell…..) with her and then promised never to tell anyone in our family about our little *ahem* adventure? Yeah, I thought moments like these bonded people… apparently I was wrong.

But enough with me whining and bitsshen there’s nothing anyone can do anyways…

So about today’s post. It is the very first of an hopefully weekly Listless Tuesday (scroll to the bottom of this post if you wanna know what I’m talking about smile ).

As I am a recent back-to-school student I’ve noticed a drastic plummeting decrease of productivity (we’re describing graphs in English don’t judge me) when 3 o’clock comes rolling in, which could not be more inconvenient since afternoon is the time of day when you get yo stuff done! 

However never fear my fellow afternoon sleepyheads,   over my 8 years school I’ve come up with a few tips and tricks on how to deal with those special ohmaLAWD-please-don’t-make-me-get-up moments and hopefully they might work for you too! bigsmile

♦ eat something

I’m not sure how schools in other countries do this, but here we have up to 6 hours of lessons everyday with only 5 minute breaks and one 15 minute break at 12 in between (not counting those horrid afternoon lessons with no break at all! Gaah! Way to suck out a child’s will to live…) This doesn’t leave you with a lot of time to eat, especially if you have to change classrooms or lo and behold use the bathroom.

Therefore more often than not when I finally arrive at home feeling dead inside and would love nothing more then to fall into the covers my bed and sleep forever the thought of writing an essay about some tiny french dude invading Russia and failing miserably makes me want to kill something.

Whenever I feel like that though, I’ve noticed that 99.9 percent of the time I’m just hungry. Or pregnant. Although mostly it’s hunger.

Ergo, kitchen invasion time.

Mostly I try to go for something nutritious with lots of healthy things blah blah brain food blah you know, all that jazz.

Like this:

After school snack(There’s some chocolate pudding there too, it just kinda got lost under all those berries and digestive cookies rolleyes tongue )


However if the thought of food makes me want to gag enter option 2

♦ drink some coffee


Hot cup of coffee in a red mug(Ok, I take waaaaay to many coffee pics…. Like, this can’t be healthy anymore….)


This point is kinda self explanatory. Just make sure it’s not too late in the afternoon otherwise your night could look like this:

Sleepy sheep, but sleepless me

♦ a brisk walk through mother nature

And I do mean brisk especially with the icy winter weather right around the corner one does not want to spend any more minutes outside than necessary.

Bare black branches against a burning sky(Nooo leaves don’t go)



That being said fresh air and movement really can work wonders to the fog in your brain… I mean there must be some reason why my grandma keeps telling me to spend more time in the Great Outdoors.


♦ take a nap

If you’ve tried everything there is to try and you still feel like smacking your head against the table well then hon, maybe you’re just tired aaaas heck. 

In which case take a nap.

There ain’t no other way around it.

Just make sure to set an alarm so you don’t sleep away the day, which, like, totally never happened to me and made me miss afternoon class…..


Ok so I know these ain’t world alerting, mind blowing ideas buuuut if I maybe helped one or two students out there then I’m more than happy bigsmile


P.S.: What do you think? Should I make Listless Tuesdays a thing? tongue

6 thoughts on “What to do when stuck in an afternoon slump.

  1. I think you should, madam! Wow. You really don’t get any breaks. School is there to kill desire to live, I think.

    • Cora

      No we really don’t…. :/
      And a to the men with that last statement!!

  2. I like listless Tuesdays! Eating, walking and sleeping are 3 of my favourite things to do ?

    • Cora

      Yay glad you like them :D hahhah so true ;)

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