What I love about mornings…..

What I love about mornings….

I love waking up when the sun is rising. I just love watching the sky go from dark to light to violet to pink to orange to baby blue. I love the fact that the trees outside the window are not much more than a dark silhouette, that the clouds seem to be rippled and layered. The absolute silence. The drowse light. The promise of a new start.


I’d say that’s a good way to start a Monday. Don’t you? I wrote that somewhere around 7 AM just as the first rays of sunshine began to tickle the night sky.

(I swear I have morphed into a morning person and I actually like it O.o that’s uncanny even for me)

So at the moment I’m sitting on the floor of our living room in my PJ’s, drinking a cup of homemade cappuccino 


Please note the serious amount of beautiful milk foam 

*Siiigh*……. A day cannot start right without the proper dosage of foamy, fluffy milk

 (yes, I have a  problem)

And I’m actually enjoying Monday so far (I swear if every Monday would start out like this, I’d be as happy as a clam  )

Why am I  not running around like the average crazy person on a Monday, you ask? Well, the reason is quite simple my friends, I have no school today!!!!


I should explain. In case anyone was wondering I’m back from France (*sniff* I miss the ocean already )

and because they made us work our as  butt off there, the teachers gave us this day off to recuperate.

So here I am. Sitting on the floor. Watching the wind toss leaves into the bleak, gray sky (so much for the sunshine I was swooning about earlier…..) Writing a seemingless pointless post….

And I’ve never felt more content. 

Have a lovely day!!!!!!!

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  1. Glad to hear your monday started out well too–mine started out well, which is rare!

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