What I do when I’m not busy doing other things (A glimpse into my life)

AAAAH I am freed!!

My goodness I’ve been suffering from the worst case of writer’s block!

GAH! So frustrating! I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I even had to cut my posting down to once a week and my last post was basically just answering some random questions (and even that took half a millennium to write) Anyways the dam has broken the words are free and I am oh so very happy bigsmile

8:18 AM

I am up!

I am awake!

And I am sick….

Oh well…. At least I don’t have to go to school tongue

Radio alarm clock 8:18(Top of the morning Ms. Hamster and Mr. Elephant. Sleep well?)



9:18 AM


Breakfast(Yes those are chocolate chips in my muesli. I have no regrets.)



Me pouring milk into a mug(C to the O the FF to the EEEEEE)



10:18 AM

Making a coffee to go for mommy after I found her ambling around the house in perfect attire missing nothing but pants and a spritz of perfume. I thought I’d speed the proccess along and add some caffeine to her system.

Ladies and gentlemen. My coffee addicted family. (For an exclusive insight click here.)

Tumbler and milk mug




11:18 AM

Decided to pretend I am busy.

Open Latin book




11:28 AM

Decided I have suffered enough.

Closed Latin book




12:18 PM

Continued reading this really interesting book about the Battle of Peleliu during the Second World War. This is my topic for the graduation essay in case you were wondering. wink

Smart book with green highlighter



1:18 PM

Lunch. eating 1 smiley

Or rather thinking about what to have for lunch. (A long and tedious process indeed)






turquoise Lunch Box




2:18 PM

Reading with a side of desert. bigsmile

Book and Cookie









3:18 PM

Watering my little botanic garden and feeding the fairies.

My little collection of Flowers




4:18 PM

Writing a CV in french applying for a job in the data processing, technology, computery sector because my teacher hates me; aka Homework.

French Homework


And muttering profanities at the already setting sun.

I mean come on! It not even 5 o’clock yet!


Sunset(Sun. Why you leave?)



5:18 PM

Snack Attack.

Cake. Cake. Cakety. Cake.

DUMBLEDORE! (name the youtube video tongue )

Smushy Cake



5:32 PM

Snack Attacking some more tongue

This time with some decaf coffee, a sesame honey cookie and some chocolate, because I was hungrier than I thought I was and in dire need of chocolate.

Coffee and Cookies




Bacetto Chocolate



Dang. I eat a lot though, don’t I? 


6:18 PM

Created a Snapchat account for the blog. It’s probably totally silly but I thought it might be fun. My username is apricots.ncream if you want to add me smile


Snapchat Screenshot, My account



7:18 PM

Yes, hello, um… awkward confession… I fell asleep around this time and missed my slot.

So no picture. Oops…

Just imagine me lying zonked out on the floor, that should pretty much cover it.


8:18 PM

You guessed it. 

Dinner. smile




9:18 PM

And now for the grande finale.

An episode of Dr. House with ma family bigsmile

Dr.House Episode Snapshot



10:18 PM

Good Night.

Sleep tight.

And don’t let the bed bugs bite!! 

bed bug smiley

22:18 o'clock

4 thoughts on “What I do when I’m not busy doing other things (A glimpse into my life)

  1. Cool bose clock! Loving the cacti, too. I must needs get one for the office.

    • Cora

      Thanks :)
      You should, cacti are awesome. They, like,don’t die.

  2. Get well soon!
    Whenever someone in our family gets sick, I’m like,
    “MOM! I need elderberry, I need atragalus, I need herbal immune boosting stuff right now because I am NOT going to get it!”
    I’m paranoid, but it usually works.

    • Cora

      Hahaha thanks so much!! I am way better now :)
      Lol my grandma does that do :D unfortunately though, I don’t like herbal tea….. :/

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