Well at least I have my smileys….

I can’t wait!!!

Sometimes I can’t wait for the future to come.

I can’t wait till I finally graduate.

I can’t wait till I can finally start studying.

I can’t wait till I can finally start my own life.

I can’t wait till I can finally take my own responsibility and make my own mistakes.

I can’t wait till I can finally buy my own little, scrumpy, crummy apartment.

I can’t wait till I can finally visit New Zealand!! (Maybe I’ll buy my crummy apartment there wink )

*jumps up and down excitedly*

I can’t wait I can’t wait I can’t wait!!!!bunny smiley

But now I’m stuck in the present so I guess I have to make do for the time being….

Oh weeeeell….

Gosh! Do you know what is the most annoying thing ever??! Having this unbearable urge to take loads and loads of pictures, but having that urge brutally denied due to pitch black darkness (I accidentally wrote “b**** black”…haha. Oops!  Ahem! Not funny. Ok moving on.) There’s only so much you can photograph inside….

Vivi's camera Pics 881

Yes, we still have our Christmas decorations up. So sue me.

 Vivi's camera Pics 837

And this is my book case. As you can see I am a very literate person. *nods head proudly*

So school sucks. Sorry? Was that sudden change of thought to sudden for? Let me clear you up 

I was thinking about what to write next. Coming up with a few good half sentences but never quite finishing because my mind would inevitably end up at schoooooool. Which annoys me cause then I start to think about all the things I have to do and the upcoming exams and blahdiblahdiblah, so then I start feeling like this:

And when I desperately try to save my mind from the black hole that is my never ending to do list, it looks a little something like ah this: 

(Is it just me or does this look like an egg….? o.O)

Of course I fail… Next up is me starting to feel terribly overwhelmed and stressed and I start freaking out and wondering how in Godiva’s name I’m supposed to manage the upcoming weeks:

 A good while after the panic attack, my brain goes in overdrive. There’s a loud CLACK in my head and a blinding light! And all I have left is a gray, smushy mass that used to be the place where my knowledge was kept safe:

The next stages happen quite quickly. First, I ask God, the world and the universe what terrible things I have done in my past life to deserve this:

Pretty shortly after that I’m like: “Screw dis sh*t” (Pardon my French )

And before you can say”Quidditch” I’m working on some serious ZZZs: 

(Did anyone get the Harry Potter reference in this sentence? )

Guess in which stage I am now?? 

So anyways this is totally NOT the post I had intended…. It just….happened….. But thank you for listening none the less  you are a great person to talk to 

I am off to bed now, sooo

Good Night, my dear people 

 🌿 Thinking-Out-Loud2 🌿

7 thoughts on “Well at least I have my smileys….

  1. :D I love your rambles though… I know that feeling of the Impending Deadline. Here’s hoping school gets less awful.

    • Aaw thank you so much for saying!!! :)
      And yes! To better school year!! *raises wine glass* CLINK *takes a long sip…. Dude chill it’s cranberry juice…*

      • Yay! *cheers* Hah, yeah, I figured. I guess… *looks at you suspiciously* :)

  2. *laughs* Wow. Those smileys are special. *jealous of smileys the sudden–which is concerning* New Zealand would be so coooooool to visit.

    • Yes me smileys are very special :) and thank you for noticing they appreciate your compliment very much ;)

  3. Oh, I know the feeling. That was me before Winter break. Now I only have two modules left to graduate and am horrified to discover what to do with my free time. I feel guilty every time I walk by the library.. So don’t worry, it only gets more crazy by the year! ;-)

    • Haha! True nothing is worse than finally receiving the long yearned for free time and not knowing what to do with it XD

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