Vat is this?? Vat do I do!? Somebody help….? o.o


It finally happened!! It finally truly happened!!!

My dad, the complete, utter, most wonderful idiot I love, bought me my OWN MOTHER FUDGING SELF FREAKING HOSTED SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I’m going to pause for a moment to let that sink in…..)

I know.. I know… freaking MIND BLOWING I actually had to bite my knuckle from screaming like a bangee (I believe that is a monkey…?), trying to keep my happiness on a more socially excepted level mind you wink  

But I’m also sorta scared. Or to be more precise down right terrified. I have no idea what I’m doing and it feels like starting a new blog all over again. So many questions!! Can people follow me? Do I still have Reader? Will my posts appear in Reader? Was this a huge mistake??


Like yesterday I had a heart-attack because I couldn’t find my old theme. Like sure I’ll probably change it to a more professional *straightens tie importantly* theme, but not right now. You don’t simply jump head first into unknown waters. You need to test out the conditions. (extra points for wonderful formulation wink ?)

From what I can tell some of my smileys didn’t make the move *gasp* so you’ll probably seeing little white squares instead. Like thus: (you see anything..? Exactly!) I’m working on it though, so never fear my little smiles!!!!!



I also just spent half an eon checking and rechecking my old posts to see if they were imported correctly…. So far so good….

If you notice anything, though, anything YOU TELL ME, OK!!!? OK!!!? Please? sorry didn’t mean to yell I’m very excited and over-emotional at the moment….

But seriously you’ll tell me right? smile  Cause I know I can always trust you? heart  

(Seems as though I’ve finally mastered the fine arts of emotional black-mailing…. Score! mrgreen )

I swear I’m a wrung out wreck right now!!! Please tell me this wasn’t a bad idea!!!

Happy Tuesday!




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9 thoughts on “Vat is this?? Vat do I do!? Somebody help….? o.o

  1. I just wanted to tell you honestly that your posts bring a smile to my face. You seem like such a dear girl. I really wish I knew you in person. (And I hope that doesn’t sound creepy) :) I hope you are having a wonderful week because you deserve it! Keep on keepin’ on, darling!

    • Wow, sorry, I just realized it’s 2:30 in Austria. Problems of living on different continents: time zones are a thing.

    • Cora

      Hahaha well it does sound a tinie tiny bit creepy but I think it’s sweet ;)
      and aaaaw! thanks for those kinda words, I’m blushing

  2. I think everything looks rather the same! Except for commenting. That’s a bit different.

  3. I still see your posts except I can’t like any of them

    • Cora

      Yeah I’ve noticed that too… So far I haven’t found a way to change that, but thanks for telling me!!!! :D
      Maybe if you like a post in particular you can just leave a smiley in the comment box :P

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