To quote my brother: I’m once again “annoyingly happy” :)


Ohmyygosh, ohmygosh, ohmyygosh


OhmergawshIcan’tbelieveityetmyselfI’msohappyIfeellikejumpingupanddown – Breath sugar! Thanks, brain. I was getting kinda breathless back there, but I know I can always count on you to have my back. Am I right? You betcha!! *mental self high five*





–  and clapping and dancing and singing and AAAAAAH!!!

I’m a babbling brook of excitement!

I’m a raging ocean of happiness!

I’m a twinkling star of laughter!

Imma stop with the metaphors now because this is getting weird. (Also, coming up with nature metaphors is surprisingly hard, in case any of  you wondered…. Or cared)

I just realized you guys have no idea what I’m talking about and probably think I’m crazy…. (Then again what else is new)

Ok here goes bigsmile

HAAAAAAAI’M flying to Venice this week!!! For my birthday!!!

Did you guys get that??

I’m going to Venice. Next week. And it’s my birthday. Next week. My 18th birthday. Which I’ll be celebrating in Venice.

Could we all just take a moment to let that sink in……

And do you know what that means?

Come next week when I’ll be back, I will freaking BOMBARD you with pictures!!!!


Also I miiiiight miss a post or two… 


 But we’re good right? Right? I’ll bring you *insert Venice specialty here* to make up for it, allrigthies?

Gawh I can’t sit still any longer! I have to plan. I have to pack!

What the heck should I wear? It’s Italy!! Even the little old ladies are drop dead gorgeous!!!! O.O

Do you see my problem here people???!!!

No time to lose!!!

Adios amigos!!

(Now was that Italian or Spanish…?)




  (Oooh sole miooooo)

2 thoughts on “To quote my brother: I’m once again “annoyingly happy” :)

  1. Oh my goodness… SO exciting! Just exactly how did this come about? Did someone surprise you with a trip as a gift? If so… how awesome is that?! Best. Birthday. EVER.

    • Cora

      Yes it’s a birthday gift!!!! From my wonderful familyyyyy :D
      I’m leaving tomorrow. ;)

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