Time for change.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

boys and girls.

Things have got to change.

And soon.

I can’t just go dissapearing on y’all for a week and a half and pretend like nothing is wrong!


It’s bad for me, my writing and my blog. I’ve noticed I turn into a sniffling, self-pitting, son of a– well let’s just say I can be very unpleasant whenever I go too long without picking up a pen and stringing together some fancy words.

Therefore, in spirit of change and making new resolutions (I know I’m over 3 months late put go with it) I present to you the three (baby steps wink ) changes I plan on making within the next few- oh who am I kidding I’m a horrible planner asap.

• Write more often and post more regularly.

Right now I plan on posting two times a week (probably Sunday and Tuesday like before, but no promises just yet) and write in a journal like thingy (any excuse to go notebook shopping bigsmile ) at least three times weekly. I need to get my flow going, people!!

Up my social media game

Since I’ve heard slow and easy wins the race I’ve decided to start with one platform: Instagram. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s fun (and Twitter still scares the heck outta me and don’t even get me started on Facebook….) smile

My Instagram Account


• Be more active concerning fellow bloggers!!

Like daaamn. I’ve stopped reading your posts. I’ve stopped replying to your comment. I’ve stopped being an active member of this society.
I’ve been practically nonexistent these last couple of weeks!!!!

This is not acceptable. Like no. Just no. Changes will be made. That, I promise.



17 thoughts on “Time for change.

  1. Hey, I’m doing these things too! Well, I plan to. Now, when I will get the time…THAT is the question! But we got this :)

    • Cora

      Haha :D Well here’s to our good intention and never wavering spirit!!

  2. well, I haven’t posted hardly anything at all on my blog for probably a whole month. Don’t sweat it.
    Sometimes I wish I could literally disappear for a couple of weeks. (#introvert)

    • Cora

      Haha I know the feeling ?
      and thanks for saying that :)

  3. Where have you been?! This won’t be tolerated, you hear? Won’t be tolerated! Haha, just kidding. But love that you’re getting something of a schedule, of course.

    Also, I think it’s kinda funny you called yourself a son…haha.

    • And why don’t you like FB? Just curious. It can be scary.

      • Cora

        Hellooooo ever heard of Stalker Paradise? Aka Facebook? Aka the Source of All Evil? Seriously though, I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something about FB bothers me…..

        • Hahahahahaha. I guess so. Never thought of it that way. I used to have a PVJ account, but I got rid of it.

          • Cora

            Wise choice, my friend, wise choice.

          • I still have another account, tho! For kicks and giggles and headbutts.

    • Cora

      Heeeey I never saw this comment!! What up, wordpress!!? Hihihi thank thooo :D

  4. Carol Lyle

    Change to consistency – that’s a good change. Consistency brings success ! Good luck.

    • Cora

      Thank youuu :D

  5. YAY!! Cannot wait to see more posts from you sweet girl <3

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee

    • Cora

      Aaaaw thank you so much!!! I’m blushing ???

  6. Good luck friend! I’m sure we’ll all be here cheering you on. (Some of us with a slight delay…. :P)

    • Cora

      Hahaha thank youuuuuuu :D

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