Those moments when the only smart thing you can say is Blub

Uuugh just finished with my private lessons in… Can you guess it?…


….Math  …Hmmm, maybe Latin? Oooor how bout German..? ….Oh just shut up you stupid inner voice!!!! Like jeeez, ever heard of positive reinforcement?)

So my point is that I don’t feel like thinking, especially not about school because all I ever do is think about school and panic about upcoming exams (my next one being math in case you hadn’t figured that out already wink ) and homework, and how much time I waste sitting in useless lessons with teachers who would rather be somewhere else, not to mention the students, I also just realized I’m doing exactly what I said I didn’t want to do, namely talk about school, and I noticed this sentences has gotten kinda long, but it’s kinda amusing writing long never ending sentences and I don’t want to stop because I never thought writing run-on sentences would be so much fun, but I guess you must be annoyed right about now so I’ll stop. 

Anyway, I decided to make a list of all the fascinating things I learned this week that have NOTHING to do with you-know-what.

Bask in it’s glory:

  • I like bananas. Which is a surprise because up until now I didn’t like bananas… Or at least I thought I didn’t….. Maybe I should try leeches next… 

Or not.

  • I’m more freaked out by the future then I thought.
  • I also can’t wait for it to happen which leads to confusing internal conversations….
  • I’m petrified of losing the few friends I have.
  • But I can’t wait to make new ones which ones again is rather confusing.
  • *siigh*
  • Remember when times were easier and the biggest problem I had was not liking Twilight…..
  • Speaking of difficult times, something happened that I like, totally have to tell you guys about!!! I’m also going to need an opinion on it, but I’ll save it for a later post.
  • This list kinda lost it’s meaning.
  • I’m rambling again.
  • I’m the most unteenagery teenager I know. No seriously, I did a Buzzfeed Quiz and was told that I am as much of a teen as a granny.



(Lordy the quality of this pic is bad…)

Well I’ll just be off to finish my knitting.


I don’t forget to wear a jacket!!




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2 thoughts on “Those moments when the only smart thing you can say is Blub

  1. Just letting you know, I nominated you for the liebster award! I’d love it if you’d take a look and maybe even participate! Good luck in all your writing endeavors!

    • Cora

      Eeeeeermagaawd!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!
      I read your message in school today and may possibly have squealed a little, which may or may not have gotten a few weird looks….. :3
      Aaah I’m so excited!!

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