This could totally be a post about how outer beauty is nothing but an illusion….

But it’s not.

Feel free to interpret though smile  

So, I just had the worst coffee in human history!!

Seriously, like oh my gosh I’m dying.

Actually I’m still sitting in the cafe so I really hope no one here reads English…..

Everything here looks so cute and homey and the cupcake thingy I ordered with my cappuccino is tasty too!!! [Update: No. Noooo it really isn’t.] And everything seems so perfect! Which is why a little part of my died when my first sip from the wonderful foam cup of heavenly bliss made my want to gag (but I’m a lady so I didn’t).

Hmmmmm maybe if I drown it in sugar and milk?

583picmonkey(I gots to admit the sugar thingy is adorable.)


Oh sweet cupcake no! Ohmygosh this must be some kind of record!!

Oh dear mother I had to force myself to swallow, oh heavens it makes me want to puke!!

Ok…. Ok…. Think Cora. THINK!

What do you do?

Force down the coffee like a big girl and cleanse my mouth with water (and mints and chewing gum and chocolate and again some mints for good measure) ?

Or take the rest of your cupcake and run like the wind leaving this abomination of a coffee in my dust?

You may think I’m overreacting but I, for the love within me (and the little self respect I have left), can NOT drink this coffee!!!!! The smell alone is enough to make me wrinkle my nose (I wish I were kidding…).

See! This is why I love Starbucks!!! I know for a fact that every single one has endless supplies of soy or lactose free milk so I don’t have to go around awkwardly asking and then ordering tea instead. I also know for a fact that the coffee at Starbucks is drinkable!!!!

And FYI for all you “but it’s so expensive there” people (admittedly I used to be one of them, but the tides have turned) I just payed the same amount of money for this little bowl of dishwater as a Grande Cappuccino would normally cost.

 (So beautiful, yet so so gross….)

Ya see where I’m going with this??? 

The price quality balance has been disrupted!!!!

Therefore I shall not pay. *slams fist onto table*

Haha just kidding.

Or am I? *smiles mysteriously*

Ok guys I’m bailing.

See y’all in jail! ;) 


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One thought on “This could totally be a post about how outer beauty is nothing but an illusion….

  1. Carol Lyle

    I love the sugar thingy too !

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