Things I learned from my taxi driver

In my experience (although frankly that’s not saying much) there are 2 different types of taxi drivers: the ones that don’t say a thing and the ones that won’t stop talking. My experience features the latter.

A couple of days ago I managed to get so lost that I, for the love within me, couldn’t figure out how to get back home. So I called a taxi and after making fun of my situation for good 5 minutes he continued to give me a summary of his life, advice for everything and anything, and his opinion on heaven and hell and everything in between.


Here is some of the information I acquired during the surprisingly long (I must have been hella lost) ride:

♣ the proper way to make oatmeal

♣ what he has for breakfast (porridge on the weekdays and croissants with cheese and honeyed ham for the weekend in case you were wondering)

♣ “give a man a fish and he’ll be hungry tomorrow give him a fishing rod and he’ll be hungry no more”

♣ Gone with the Wind is an overrated movie

♣ so is Breakfast at Tiffany’s

♣ he likes the Iron Man movies because Robert E. Junior and Gwyneth Paltrow are so (and I quote) “yummy”

♣ he married 5 times

♣ the first time was at 18 and divorced 9 months later (meanwhile here I am 19 and single)

♣ he calls his current wife “she who must be obeyed”

♣ his mother owns a chicken farm

♣ he had a motorcycling accident at 19

♣ he’s from Africa (not so sure about this piece of information though)

♣ but he does speak African (which is why I figured he’s from Africa)

and last but not least:

♣ he has two Dachshunds named Dolce and Gabbana

Needless to say I didn’t utter a single word the entire ride; which is just the way I like it smile


Has this happened to anyone else? 

What are your taxi driver experiences?





One thought on “Things I learned from my taxi driver

  1. Wow, that’s… Interesting. I haven’t ridden in many taxis, but I do know this: if you are ever in Greece, and need to take a taxi, just know that they drive extremely fast. When we were there, I swear, I thought I was going to die every time we took a taxi. Of course, there are no taxis where I live, so if I get lost, I’m outta luck!

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