Things I do that apparently annoy my brother.

My brother is a very fascinating creature… In other words he’s the exact opposite of your’s truly.

He’s extroverted.

He’s hilarious.

He’s good looking.

He’s self confident.

He gets good grades.

He’s artistic.

(It’s amazing I don’t get jealous *cough* *cough*)

We get on really well though and even if I’d never tell the perfect little biscuit I love him with all my heart.

He does, however, have some rather weird quirks. Little whims I wasn’t told about pre-ordering.

These include but aren’t limited to the following.

Apparently it annoys him when I:

♣ compliment his new jeans

♣ compliment his new shirt

♣ compliment his drawings

♣ compliment his hair

♣ in short: compliment him

♣ tell him I’m on his side no matter what (there have been some… issues)

♣ hug him

♣ touch him in general

(Seriously once while diving we got caught in a rather vicious current that had me clinging to the rocks like a cartoon character in strong wind. Anyways the bro slipped and started getting pulled into the deep, endless ocean.

So I , awesome sister that I am, thought “Hmm might want to grab hold of the sucker, he might be useful later on.”

Therefore, I take his arm and pull him back to the rock/coral constellation thingy we were clinging on to for dear life, and the moment he gets a good hold he shrugs me off, turns to me and says (I swear even with the mask and breathing regulator thing understood him perfectly) “Don’t tAAch me” and does the sassy hand gesture thing.

K bro I’ll refrain myself from saving your life in the future. lol )

♣ buckle over laughing when I think about that one time he got attack by a fish

( ‘nother fun story: le bro and la moi are underwater again and this time we’re just paddling along being totally chill. We see this awesome house-of-nemo thing.

So my brother, true to his curious nature, swims up really close and sort of floats over the anemone.
All of a sudden this tiny nemo zooms out and slams its head against my brother’s mask. Shocked, my brother pulls back but the fish doesn’t retreat. Instead it started attacking my bro’s fins!

Now please imagine my brother all 1.75 meters of him, with shoulders twice as wide as my hips, hovering next to the water plant, confused and clueless about how to react.
And then there’s this itsy bitys thing of a fish attacking him again and again and again and not showing signs of giving up.
I get the giggles just thinking about it. bigsmile

Moral of the story: It is possible to die of laughter.

Just make sure you’re underwater. wink tongue )

My bro drawing in sand. Taken during the summer holidays.

2 thoughts on “Things I do that apparently annoy my brother.

  1. Giving yourself a bad rap, Cora! I’d say you’re rather hilarious, too. Though, picking on siblings is such great fun.

    • Cora

      Really? Thank you so much!!! :D

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