The power of juice and a sunny Friday afternoon

Sitting on the grass. Drinking my juice. Soaking in the sun.

It’s Friday. I just got out of school. I’m tired and the day is long from over.

But I’m happy. I’m freaking happy and I don’t want this moment to end.

A sea of university students are scattered around me.



And I feel as though I fit in.

I probably don’t. I probably look like a baby playing dress up and pretending to be part of the grown-ups.

Just an hour ago some guy in my class found out I was 18, and his jaw actually dropped. He was all “Whaat?? :?  You!!? 18?! YOU??! Naaaaah….” (Seriously. I wish I were exaggerating….)

I was like “Well, geeeeee. Thankzz.”

Though I hear looking younger is a sought-after trait, especially in later years, so, you know, I’m good smile (My non-existing height probably doesn’t help matters…my brother calls me “Hobbit” on a regular basis…. *ahem* moving on)

It’s moments like these that make me realize how important it is to just flip the OFF switch once in a while. Just cram all your stress and problems in a bottle and burn those To-Do Lists.

Like thus:


I’m happy. I’m freaking happy and I felt like writing. I haven’t felt like this in ages. Things don’t seem so bad anymore.

It’s nice.


There’s this crazy sailor guy screaming goodness what at the far corner of the park. I think he’s drunk…..

I’ve seen him, often though. He’s sorta part of this little university park.

It fun observing him and his buddies lol

I love people watching :happy:

I’d do it more often if it didn’t make me seem like a creepy stalker….. tongue

You know what I’ve noticed?

All theses people here are, I don’t know how to describe this, different. Like back in school EVERYBODY looks the same. Same shoes, same clothes, same hair, even though we don’t have a uniform it almost seems like we do. To me anyways. At the beginning I was all scared and, well, embarrassed to be wearing something other than gray (or is it grey? I never know question ), gray and the occasional black. (Not even mentioning the brands. It’s like there’s a secret brand rule book I know nothing about!!)

Sitting in this park though (or rather large patch of green) and seeing all the different styles and crazy clothing…. I don’t know, I guess it hit me that I won’t always be the odd one out smile

It kind of adds to the whole happiness feeling.

Aaaaaah life is good right now.

chase1 smiley


Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to lean against my backpack, close my eyes, pretend to be sleeping, but instead ‘ll be people stalking watching. :tongue:


Don’t tell wink


Lol ok so this guy just walked by me sporting leather hose and a feather hat …. You gotta love these college kids.



4 thoughts on “The power of juice and a sunny Friday afternoon

  1. Carol Lyle

    I also love watching people…. I think its part of this “writing thing” we do.

    • Cora

      Hmmm must be…. Glad to know I’m not the only stalker around here :wink:

  2. Me too! People watching is the best. It must be a writer thing.

    • Cora

      Would ya look at that… A second comment proclaiming there love for people watching within 24hours!! Am I seeing a pattern here? :wassat:
      I should do a survey :kissing:

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