The post where I risk depriving you of your human rights…

Dear Readers I’ve recently done a few changes on my old blog and in hopes of avoiding any kind of confusion (cause I’m not sure if the following posts was even posted on the old blog and this is all becoming rather puzzling) I decided to reblog the post in case, you know, technology is against me (which in most cases it is)

So….here you go… if is doesn’t apply to you just move along and forget you ever read this horrible, bewildering, unstructured post. 

Original: The post where I risk depriving you of your human rights…

Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!!

Ok some of you  may remember me. I switch from a blog to a self hosted one a few months back. Ring a bell? Naah I don’t blame you wink

Anyways the biggest drawback was losing all of you in the process.

But I just discovered a way to turn my biggest dream  (yes I have a pathetically lame life) into reality!!!

I can actually (and this is a real thing so hold on tight) “transfer” all you wonderful people from this blog to my new site!!!

How awesome is that!!?

fiesta smiley

Will that be okay for you? smile

I really hope it is.

But if not and you feel like I’m taking away your right of freedom just unfollow, ok?

No hard feelings.

Pinky Swear.

Ok, here goes.

Hopefully I’ll  see you on the other side!




7 thoughts on “The post where I risk depriving you of your human rights…

  1. Fantastic idea, I say.

    • Cora

      Thank you I was quite pleased as well :)
      Hope I’m not annoying too many people though ?

      • But annoying people is fun! Do it.

        • Cora

          Well not if the passive aggressively start throwing bombs at me no.

          • Now that is why you must get a katana.

          • Cora

            A who the what now?

          • You mean to say you don’t know what a katana is? *shocked professor*

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