The Awkward “Post After”…

Hello wonderful people!!
I am back!! :biggrin:  
Sorry for ditching my Thursday posting day. And this time I even have a proper reason :sideways:  
No, but seriously though, my last post was kind of a big deal for me and every post I’ve written since then seemed kind of weak and pathetic in comparison (how sad is it that a just spent 5 minutes trying to remember the correct spelling of that godforsaken word…?).
So I decided to skip Thursday, ’cause you know what they say “quality always trumps quantity” wink  
Anyways now I am back hopefully in full glory!!!

Ok so I have a confession to make…. I don’t really have anything planned for today’s post (yes, I’ve  been neglecting my blog plan so sue me, I ain’t perfect *insert sassy gesture here*) but I’ve really missed y’all and I’ve been stuck in a car for the last 6 hours and my butt hurts and I’m slowly but surely going insane *takes deep gasping breath because the sentence turned out longer then expected and continues* hhaaaand this terrible thought suddenly popped into my head that maybe I should stop blogging or take a break or maybe I don’t even like blogging anymore and so I was like NOOO!!! I must trump this negativity, so here I am shaky and out of breath wondering if you’d like to have coffee with me *smiles seductively*

(So what do you say? Coffee and Croissant for two wink  )

P.S.: I also wanted to thank you guys for the wonderful reaction to my last post. All the comments, the likes, the new followers… Seriously… You don’t know how much they mean to me lol   As a matter of fact even I was surprised by how happy and complete I felt whenever I read one of your responses smile  

Jeez guys I’m sorry for being so sappy lately….. I must be going through some kind of phase…. Or maybe Winter finally caught up with my mood (I am a summer person through and through ☀️)

Wow. Ok. I’m gonna stop now before this post becomes anymore awkward and bumpy…
(Gosh what must my new followers think of me!!! 
*cringes in embarrassment*)

Yeeeeeaaaaaaah… I’m just gonna….
*throws smoke bomb and disappears forever*


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