The last box on my To Do List

People. People. People.

The moment is here.

I am finally down to the last square on my seemingly endless “things I should have finished yesterday” list.

My To Do list almost, almost done!!(The last thing standing between me and happiness.)


Now, I just have to finally tick off that liiiiittle box right there at the bottom and then, ohohoho then it’s Christmas time ladies and gentlemen!

a² + b² = c²onfusion

Feeling very uninspired today….

You wanna know why? 

I HAVE MATH EXAM ON THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!! *heavy breathing*

Aaaah I hate math exams so so sooooo much!!!!!

It’s like this little thing inside my head. Constantly reminding me of the terrible day. Constantly telling me to study.

Even when I’m not thinking about it, it’s still there. 

Girl…. let’s talk weather.

[I hope all male readers have not been offended by the headline, if so please contact me below. Apricots and Cream now asks you to take a seat and wishes you a pleasant flight].


I hate the cold weather.

I hate the fact that I’m currently bundled up in a fluffy blanket with some hot tea next to me and I can’t seem to get warm.