Me This Month .February 2016.

Oh my gosh I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last did one of these!!

Time flies when school is breathing down your neck….

Also, a fancy little alteration has been made: You can now add a link to one of your posts in the link-up below! tongue


My Book This Month:

Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier


An awesome, amazing, fabulous book, indeed!

Me This Month .September 2015.

A Me This Month on a Listless Tuesday day.

Oh when will the craziness end!


My book this month:


Lord Of the Rings Kindle(See what I did there tongue )

Honestly I’m surprised, I started reading Lord of the Rings simply because I was fresh out of reading material and didn’t  want to do my homework just yet.

Me This Month .August 2015.

Y’all the jet lag is real.

Yes I am back.

Yes I had a great time.

Yes I have tons of pictures I can’t wait to share with you!




I am so tired the words are duplicating, expanding and going all blurry as I write them.

Luckily I finally (re-)discovered a mug I have deemed worthy for my coffee.

Me This Month .July 2015.

I had to but this type of post on pause, due to excessive amount of you-know-what-stress and they do take some time planning and preparing.

But now as I lounge around in the sun, I decided to give the “Me This Month” posts another shot. 


My book this month:

The freaking 10th book of the House Of Night series!