“Nursing a cup of coffee”

(I apologize beforehand if this post is weird and confusing. Bear with me, the coffee has yet to show it’s effect)

Now I finally know what that phrase really means (not that it was something I was striving to accomplish…). 
Let me elaborate.  

As you may remember I went to a One Republic concert on Monday (short recap: it was awesome!) and even though I don’t regret going with a single fiber in my body, Tuesday morning was NOT easy!!!

Sometimes all you need is a cookie.

Today seems to be a particularly suckish day…..

School was long, tiring and to be honest just plain boring. The weather is an absolute dismal! Everything is gray. Everything is slightly wet. (Oh my GOSH you do not know how much I hate this “slightly wet weather”.)

The trees are cheerless and their leaves are drooping.

Subject: I wish I were Cinderella

Dear Marlena,
Hi!!! How have you been?

I’m scared. I am so scared…..

I’m waiting for the tram to go to Elmayer and….wait…. Did I tell you about Elmayer? Hmmmm….. I’ m not sure…. I’ll just quickly cover the basics in case I didn’t, so you’ll know what I’m talking about.