November Blogging Blues

I’m scared this blog is going to die.

But I don’t want it to.

I need this blog so much.

I love blogging regularly and staying up till all hours to finish a post.

I love taking pictures.

I love interacting with you.

But I just can’t write anymore.

I can’t.

Does anyone have some mom-repellent I could borrow?

So my mom found out about my blog…

Not that she didn’t know before but now she actually found it! She figured out my URL and everything!! (I’m looking at you Dad)

Now I wouldn’t really mind (I mean I present my thoughts and feelings to strange people I’ve never even seen in person, my ma ain’t gonna make a big difference, right?) but that was when I thought she’d, you know, check in now and then, read a few posts and then forget about it again.

Just another non-coherent post written by yours truly :)


Question of the day: Who invented baking?

What self-loathing person thought, ” Hey let’s try throwing some powdery white stuff, raw eggs and sugar together! Something delicious is bound to come out of this experiment!!” (Please note: this sentence is dripping with sarcasm) Anyways, whoever that crazy person was, I am forever grateful.