I could hang here. I could definitely hang here.

Honestly I hadn’t expected to be this completely mind blown by London.

And yet here I am barely 2 days in and already asking my mom if I could go to university here.

I don’t even mind the not-that-great weather!!!




Daaaang London is big though! I thought I know a little something about big cities living in Vienna and all, but walking into this huge mall or waiting for the underground tube (did you know they come at a two minute interval!!??

To quote my brother: I’m once again “annoyingly happy” :)


Ohmyygosh, ohmygosh, ohmyygosh


OhmergawshIcan’tbelieveityetmyselfI’msohappyIfeellikejumpingupanddown – Breath sugar! Thanks, brain. I was getting kinda breathless back there, but I know I can always count on you to have my back. Am I right? You betcha!! *mental self high five*





–  and clapping and dancing and singing and AAAAAAH!!!

Vous les vous………. something or other….

Oh my goodness gracious me aren’t I a nervous little  wreck…? 0.0

Hello everyone, sorry for the weird introduction, but daaaaaarn l haven’t been able to sit down for like a whole day!!!! Aaaaah I’m so jumpy!!!!

You know why?

I’ll tell you.

Tomorrow, I’ll be stepping on a plane. With my class.

Hitting pause for a moment…

Ah there that feels better, don’t it? I swear the last couple of days have been craaaaazy. And by crazy I mean packed to the brim with school, homework, rain, sunshine, ups, downs, and road trips. (At the moment I’m currently postponing Latin homework so I should probably get a move on… :I)

So anyway I’m sure you guys are all thinking: Whaaaat?