Superfruit follows me on Twitter and other things I never thought would happen.

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh.
Guess what happened!!? (I say “guess” but the answer is in the title tongue )
It was the eve of December 27th. I was sitting in a café like bar thingy enjoying the complementary Wi-Fi and sipping iced coffee while scrolling through Tumblr and avoiding eye contact (as you do). When suddenly my phone goes PING and I see this in my notification bar:


Screenshot*insert silent screaming here*


Superfruit follows me on Twitter!!!!
Ok for those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about here’s the cliff note version:
So remember the band I was gushing a few months back? I went to their concert and my brother got called on stage? Pentatonix is their name a cappella is their game? (could I be any cheesier?) Got it? Good.
Anyways two of the band members, Scott
Scott preforming 2016, PTX member and part of Superfruit



and Mitch
Mitch performing 2016, PTX member and part of Superfruit


Have a channel on YouTube called Superfruit (it’s funny and awesome and one of my favorite YouTube channels ever)
Long story short THEY FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!!!!!! Me! Of all the people they could’ve chosen. They know I exist!!! kitten

I feel almost silly how much this means to me.
I haven’t been this happy since the great power outage of ’92. Naah seriously though this year kinda sucked from beginning to end and I haven’t been this excited over something since, well, their concert and the one time dolphins swam up to me while diving.

Oh wait I just thought of another super awesome thing that happened recently: I passed my theoretical driving exam! Only one more exam to go and then I’ll have a real life honest to god driver’s license. This is like the first exam I passed at first try since, I don’t know, like, freshman year or something. And to top it all of I actually did well (whaat?)


Incidentally I just realized that by the time I post this it’ll be the very last day of 2016!!! Whoooop guys we made it!!

Happy New Year’s Eve!!!  


Have a glass of champagne for me, will ya? bigsmile

May 2017 only suck half as much as 2016 did   



In spirit of ending things on a happy note, name three things you are grateful for this year. Or just tell me how you plan on spending the evening smile Me? I’ll probably collapse in my bed at around 11PM and enter the new year sleeping. tongue




8 thoughts on “Superfruit follows me on Twitter and other things I never thought would happen.

  1. Anonymous

    Yassss Queen! Congrats <3

    • Hihi thank you!! :D

  2. Whhhhhhhhhhat?! SO cool. I maybe be a bit jealous.

    • “Maybe” should be two separate words. Typos love me and try to make me look bad.

      • Hahaha tell me about it!! Thank goodness for spellcheck!!!

  3. Ah, yes, Pentatonix, I’ve heard of them.
    This evening I will probably still be writing this letter I’ve been trying to write for like the hundredth time. I am using a quill pen I made, but the darn thing is so finicky. It was writing perfectly fine, and then, suddenly, the ink wouldn’t flow, and that sort of ruined everything. I usually have the opposite problem. Anyway, I made some modifications, so I’ll see how it goes. Not to discourage anyone from writing with a quill; it’s quite fun, once you actually manage to make a good one.

    • Oh wow you still take the time to write letters? And with a quill no less! That’s so cool! Maybe a bit of dried ink clogged the whole thing up? Did you fix it yet? Does it work again? Can you write in that fancy loopy writing thing (what’s it calles again? Cursive? Is that it?)?

      • Yes, I have a brother that lives pretty far away, and we write to each other.
        So, to get the ink to flow, you have to make a little indentation from the part of the feather’s shaft where the ink will sit all the way down the nib, like a little channel. At least that’s how I do it. I made it a little deeper, then cut the nib a little thinner, and it worked really well. :) If you are ever interested, look up how to make a quill pen on Youtube. In some videos they do all this stuff like soaking it in water, then putting it in hot sand. I never do that, and it works fine. I think the best video was by this channel called Epicfantasy or something like that. I think I do it slightly differently, but it’s just a matter of preference.
        For me, learning to write in cursive was just part of school. I learned to write in print, and then I learned cursive. Is that just a homeschool thing, or is it like that for everyone?

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