Aaaand suddenly it’s 2016….

Ok everybody freeze!!

I need a moment to catch my bearings. What in the name of all that is good just happened?

Crisis evaluation time.

One minute I’m curled up under the Christmas tree sipping hot cocoa, munching cookies and chillin’ big time. The next I’m hunched over my desk chugging coffee after coffee, stuffing Latin vocab into my brain while scribbling some text for German class.

I graduate in 5 month, my grad exams are in 4 and I still have 20.000 characters missing on my graduation essay. Plus tests and little exams thrown in for fun.*emoji breathing in paper bag*

I feel like I’m literally flying off the seats of my pants.  I have no idea what I’m doing half the time. I’d through a tantrum but I can’t find the time….

However, I did find the time to develop this study theory that couldn’t describe my current situation any better. tongue

Behold, the three stages of studying:

1. Uugh please don’t let the exam come too quickly. I still have so much studying to do and I know zip about this topic. Please, just please, stay away exam.

2.You know what exam? I don’t care. I can’t bring myself to care anymore. Come today, tomorrow, in a week, in two. I just don’t care.

3. Please oh please let this be over. I don’t care if I pass, I don’t care if I fail just please oh please enough with the studying. I can’t take this anymore!!!!!

Momentarily my level of despair varies between Stage 2 and Stage 3, depending on how much sleep and coffee I’ve had.





 (Coffee, sleep. Sleep, coffee.)



On a more distressing matter, though. Do you think my cactus is dead?? Or is it just a unnaturally bushy? Are healthy, striving cacti supposed to look like, well, this:

(Really bushy or very dead?)


Question: Who else is having a hard time keeping up with work, blogging and life in general? Any useful last minute tips you’d like to share? smile


10 thoughts on “Aaaand suddenly it’s 2016….

  1. It’s a bit…brown, I’d say. I got two plants for Christmas, which is awesome!! I hate studying. My only tip is try not to hate it, which is a bit contradicting, I know.

    • Cora

      Ha. I know, I know I should keep a positive attitude toward studying and blah blah blah but it’s just so harrrd.

      • I never did! Studying was worst-er than…eating a muffin that’s supposed to be a cupcake.

  2. Hey, at least Latin is not as bad as math. Oops, I said the M word. The M-A-T-H word. Shhhhhhh! Not in front of the kids!
    Good luck.

    • Cora

      Hahahahahaha true, although it’s a close second if you ask me and thanks :D

  3. Oh yeah, about the cactus:
    It’s probably either brown because you watered it too much or because you haven’t watered it enough; they get brown at either extreme.
    If the soil is still wet/moist don’t water it for awhile.
    If it’s dry, water it.
    Or maybe it’s just brown because of the lighting when you took the picture, and I’m just wasting my time. Don’t worry, I had a few minutes to waste, anyway. :)

    • Cora

      Nope it’s not just the lighing it really is that brown. Well I’ve been watering it like crazy ever since it turned that color so I probably manged to starve and drown it at the same time (clearly I have a way with plants). Thanks for taking the time to help me save my cactus though :)

  4. ThatBearNextDoor

    I feel the same. Between revising for exams and thinking about revising for exams, there’s no time to do anything else. My walls are full of little flashcards with names and key words on them. I don’t know if that helps you but I use the key words and try to expand from them. Then I see if I can remember it without looking. (It does mean that I spend a lot more time talking to myself, though. I’m sure my parents think I’ve gone mad)

    • Cora

      Hahaha I feel you! I started out with flashcards, but lately my newest technique involves bashing my notebook against my head in hopes a bit of smartness will tumble out and groaning every now and then….

      • ThatBearNextDoor

        That sounds like it might actually work! I’ll try that. Maybe I’ll eat the pages too so I can really digest the knowledge ?
        Good luck with your revision! ?

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