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Dear Marlena,

Oh my gosh you wouldn’t believe what a fudged up night I had yesterday…. I met up with my friends, Lizzy and Catalina, and a guy I had recently met, Ian. At first things went really great and I had a lot of fun.

But then Liz and Catalina had to leave…. It was just Ian and me……  At first things were still kinda fun. We decided to go into this little café/bar we found on the way, because it had started to rain. I ordered some tea and he had some sort of cocktail with coconut milk….. I don’t know…. We talked about everything and nothing; school, a broccoli in his class who finally got yelled at by a teacher, that he has math test next week, and something about if I would style my hair into a Mohawk for 500.000 €.

And that’s when things got weird. We were talking about the stupid hair thing when he suddenly said, “You should let your hair grow.” I was like “whaaaaaat…?”, but he went on, “yes, you should let your hair grow, at least past your shoulders, and dye them brown.”

What. What!!!??

At first I thought he was joking, but nawa this went on for the next 2 hours. The reasons he gave: Brown hair seems to suit my personality better, because blond hair is always associated with stupidity, stubbornness and being shallow and clearly I am none of those things. (Not sure if I should be flattered).

Long hair would look better than my silly short hair because short hair is associated with my “rebellious phase” or something I didn’t quite get that…. And lastly he wanted me to get ride of my bangs. Reason: Bangs shorten the face………………..

Oh and did I mention that by the end of the night his started to criticize my CUPCAKE EARRINGS!!! and the fact that they were colored blue, white and red which are the colors of the French flag and I shouldn’t be wearing them in Austria because German people don’t like French people…….. (what!!?)

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 (serious badass french earrings you see here) 



When I asked him why the feathers he wanted to change me so badly he replied: “I don’t want to change you, I want to improve you”.

I am proud to say I didn’t kill him.

Sorry for rambling I just wanted to get this of my chest… Hope you have a great day!!


Cora xx


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9 thoughts on “Subject: …..dafuq?……

  1. If you had hurt him, no jury would ever have convicted you.

  2. Hah you should have punched him in the face

  3. Haha you should have punched him in the face

    • hahah honestly I considered it for a moment, but he’s twice my size and I didn’t wanna risk it XD

  4. You are perfect and so immensely awesome just the way you are. Never let anyone, especially a boy tell you to change. Love you girly :]

    • Aaaw thank you so much!!!!!! <3 read this post at 3 something AM today (having trouble sleeping at the moment) and it made my smile a sweet, ginormous, wonderful smile :D . Again thank you so much, you are a wonderful person ;) :P Love you to sugaa :P :]

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