Smiling because mom said it’s better for my skin

I don’t know what got into me on Sunday…. Let’s just say I was having a horrible, no good, very bad day.

Actually I figured what caused the blockage… Or at least I think I do.  :)

Oh and one more thing. You guys are a godsend. I realize it more and more the longer I have this blog. The fact that people would take the time to comfort a strange little girl from a foreign country is absolutely amazing.

I thank you so very very much.

Truly, thank you.

Thank You



So, in attempt to keep my good mood going despite the horribly depressing weather, I decided to make a list of all the silly little things that brought a small to my face today.


♣  One first day of Christmas, oh chocolate come to meeeee




bear bear bear



Don’t you just love Christmas time? smile



♣ My five a day: Mango flavored lip balm

Mango Lip Blam(Because fruit are important.)


♣ I found my ring again!!!

I should explain, see I have this ring. And I wear it every day. I have for the last 3ish years. So now whenever I leave the house without  my ring I feel naked, unbalanced and just plain wrong.

This morning my ring was nowhere to be found, so I had to leave for school without it! Needless to say I felt iicky all day.

But now ring and I have finally been reunited and I feel complete again. bigsmile

napchat Picture of my ring(Snapchat: apricots.ncream are we friends yet? wink )



♣ I found this while doing my *cough, cough* homework and I just couldn’t help smiling.

Happy Little KidSource


This takes happiness to a whole new level. bigsmile



♣ Me baby plant blossomed!! Which is amazing since I thought I had killed the little sucker last week.

(Heeyy there lil guy smile )



And one day she’s gonna be as big and as strong as her papa

(You mess with ma baby you mess with me.)



♣ Coffee flavored lip balm. Because there’s no such thing as too much coffee.




♣ And now, the thought of resting my tired head on my soft, fluffy bunny pillow is enough to make me shiver in content. kitten


Good Night! star


Question: What silly little things make you happy? Does anyone own as much lip balm as I do…?

7 thoughts on “Smiling because mom said it’s better for my skin

  1. So I’m hooked on cherry lip balm. Go figure. Cool ring! I think it looks like Aaragorn’s. (I know I spelled that wrong, dadblameit.) The blockage…was caused by bad food! That’s my guess.

    • Cora

      Thanks :) you think? Wait when you say Aragon (or however you write it XD ) you are talking about the dragon in that book series, right?
      Hahahaha good guess, goooood guess but no. :P

      • That’s how you spell it! Your rock, Cora. No, no! That’s Eragon. Aragon is that ranger dude from LoTR. He’s me, in fact. Only I can’t fight with a sword to save my life.

        But you can’t be sure!

  2. What makes me happy is when I’m sitting on the couch, and my dog comes and puts her butt in my lap, because she knows she’s not allowed on the couch, but she figures if it’s just her butt, and it’s on me, it’s okay. That just makes me laugh.
    As for lip balm, I lost all mine. :( It was Burt’s Bees brand, which my grandmother always calls “Doctor Watson” for some reason, another thing that makes me laugh!

    • Cora

      Hahahah that’s so cute!! I love your dog already :D (and it made me laugh as well :P )
      Ok let’s be serious for a moment, is there anyone who actually finishes their lip balm instead of just losing it?

      • You know, I really don’t think that anyone finishes their lip balm before losing it. It might just be a scientific fact.
        Oh, and I just can’t help but say this, looking at the comments above:
        Eragon is the main character from the Eragon series.
        Aragorn is the ranger/king/awesome guy from LOTR.
        And Terragon is an herb in the sunflower family.
        Just in case anyone was wondering.

        • Cora

          You know I think you’re right. Now all we need are some bored scientists to prove it! :P
          Wow thanks so much for clearing that up! I always did confuse the dragon with the ranger awesome king guy ?
          Ok honesty time here, I never knew there were different types of sunflowers…. I thought it was “sunflowers” and that was that. ?

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