Scientific evidence shows that today was a bad day

Today was a terrible, horrible, disgusting day. And I feel like letting off some steam so if you could please just sit patiently, put up with my venting and then maybe give me a hug and some cookies after that be great smile

So here I go:


‘Twas the day before Friday, as I lay in bed

Thinking about nothing but the sleep in my head

When all of a sudden good gosh and galore

The alarm ripped through my sleep like never before


(Now THAT is a way to begin a post, am I right?? Sorry though this is all the rhyming you get for this post… I can’t poem…)


It was a drizzly Thursday morning and I had had a rough night because someone kept closing my window eventhough I nearly died of suffocation. As you can imagine almost dying kinda disturbed my beauty sleep and when my radio alarm clock sounded at 6.05 AM I felt like killing something.

On an unrelated matter, I was awakened by the song Hanging Tree which, you know, is an awesome song and all but… First thing in the morning?

Should I be concerned?

Is the universe trying to tell me something?

If so, I’m in no mood to decipher your cryptic messages!!! If there is something I should know please leave a detailed description in the comment section below. Thank you.

Anyway, I was lying in bed cursing modern technology and the human races in general while viciously swiping away my tears, when I decided now was a good time to try if scream therapy was all it is made out to be.

That’s how I started my day. Screaming into my pillow with Hanging Tree playing in the background.

Actually, I did feel a little bit better after that.

Then I ran into a wall.

But other than that I got out of the house with only minor cuts and bruises.

cast smiley


The rest of the day was fiiine…. Just fine….. Not including the 1 hour of Latin, 2 hours of French exam and the 3 hours of Math.

Pffft a breeze! Nothing! I could’ve done it in ma sleep………….. 

You do realize I’m being sarcastic, right? This is me at the moment:

computer tired smiley



 Seriously though I’m going to bed now ’cause I’m really, really tired!!!

But I’m also really, really hungry…….. Great what do I do now??!

Dammit universe what did I tell you about sending unclear messages???!!


 (Yup that seems about right…)


 I’m participating in another link-up with Amanda ;) 

5 thoughts on “Scientific evidence shows that today was a bad day

  1. Rae

    I hit my snooze button 6 times this morning. True story.

  2. Weird, it wouldn’t show me the comment section before! Oh well, at least it works now. :) That is one cute photo of the dog in the doggie dish.

    • Cora

      Hahaha it really is :P
      And thanks for the feed back, but I gather everything is ok again? You can comment on all the posts, right?

  3. Yes, it seems just fine now. Probably just my browser having a hiccup!

    • Cora

      Great!! Thanks :D

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