A quick little catch up and also Tyler Oakley liked my Tweet


*sheepishly peeks out from behind curtain of shame* 

How have y’all been doing?

It’s been way too long since my last post! And I was doing so well too!! One minute I’m blogging twice a week and then suddenly BAM life hits, responsibilities I never knew I had come flying out of nowhere and the peaceful solitude I had created for myself comes crashing down.

Incidentally, according to recent calculations I’m 3.4 last  minute party cancellations away from becoming a hermit. (To clarify: I’m the one doing the cancelling)

But Tyler Oakley knows I exist so what do I care. bigsmile

screenshot of tyler oakley liking my tweet


Anyways, if I ever had even an inkling of doubt in my heart I now know FO SHO that I want to study medicine!! I hate biotechnology!! I mean, sure it’s fun to pronounce and an amusing thing to say during conversations (people always look at me like whaaat dis blonde bimbo has abilities other than breathing?!? Seriously though, people always look way to surprised when I mention my studies. If I didn’t have any self-esteem to begin with I’d be offended.)

And last but not least: Guys, look at this picture I took a couple of days ago! It’s not much but for some reason I’m kinda sorta really proud of it. What do you think? smile

Leaf with water drops


And now you: What have you been up to? How is school? How is work? Life treating you ok? tongue



6 thoughts on “A quick little catch up and also Tyler Oakley liked my Tweet

  1. Z

    Lol!! Don’t be a hermit. Also, that photo is neat. It must be nice to know what you want to study…. I’m still trying to figure it out.

    • Thank you. And don’t worry a lot of my friends still don’t know what they want to study. So they’re taking the year off to travel the world and maybe find some inspiration on the way :) do you have any ideas yet?

  2. I love your picture, could be rain drops or diamonds !! Well done.

    • Hihihi thank youuuu :P

  3. I get the party cancellations thing. I tend to meet the bare minimum of human interaction required to not be a hermit, no more, no less. I mean, look at all these books I got for Christmas. Somebody’s got to stay home and read them, right?

    • Hahaha exactly!!! I love how you just get me :D

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