Proof of the depth of my naivety.

Colorful lights.

Pounding music.

A wall of people everywhere she looked.

She felt a hand on her exposed shoulder. She turned. Nicole! She fell around the girl’s neck, glad she wasn’t alone.

She was shy. Nicole was not.

The blonde girl pulled her toward the dance floor. They started to dance. Nicole danced beautifully. Shimming her hips left and right, moving her arms to the beat, grinning wickedly through tousled hair. Cora felt awkward beside her. Stiff. Ungainly. Embarrassed.  She tried her best to forget the watching eyes and let herself go. It worked; sort of.

Soon the first guys started grinding up to Nicole, trying to push Cora out of their way. Successfully. She turned away, expecting to have lost another friend to a male companion, but Nicole surprised her. She pushed the guy away, took Cora by the wrist and twirled. Laughing she said, won’t be getting rid of me that easily; her eyes twinkled.

White lights started flashing, giving everything an unrealistic dreamlike feeling. Cora started dancing more freely thinking, its 2 am everyone’s probably so drunk by now they won’t remember a thing when the sun comes up. #perksofbeingsober

Red strobe lights mixed with the white.

She saw Catalina prowling at the bar, looking for her next victim. Her wavy, brown hair teased her exposed back as her long legs took sure and confident strides. Gosh she was beautiful. Along with Nicole owning the dance floor and Lizzy going at it with some guy it was hard not to feel out of place.

Suddenly, she felt arms grabbing her waist. Panicked she looked around for Nicole. But Nicole was nowhere to be found. Rough hands turned her. A brown haired, broad faced guy smiled down at her.

Cora couldn’t decide if the grin was kind or wolfish.

His lips moved.

What I can’t hear you!?

He leaned closer smirking. I said my name was Dominic!

Oh. Hi, I’m Cora!

He shrugged, smiling. He couldn’t hear her.

Cora! My name is Cora!

He nodded but his eyes told her he hadn’t understood a thing. But he didn’t seem to care. Why would he, he wasn’t here to make acquaintances.

Or was he?

He started talking. She couldn’t hear. She leaned closer. She could smell the alcohol on his breath. He was telling her about his studies. She nodded. All the while they kept on dancing, moving to the beat. His hands were on her hips again, pulling her closer.

She stepped away.


He smiled, still talking, still dancing.

Was she overreacting?

She smiled back not wanting to seem rude.

He told her about his work, his hobbies, his friends. Cora feigned interest while frantically looking for Nicole. This went on for some time. He asked about her school, her age, her favorite subjects. Was she here alone?

Cora had to stand on tiptoes and shout into his ear to make herself heard. As she did so she glimpsed two guys nearby watching, leering, nodding their approval. A third gave Dominic the thumps up.

Ok, whoa.

Time to leave.


She furiously scanned the crowd. Where the heck were her friends!? The image of Snow White stumbling through a dark forest surrounded by yellow glaring eyes forced its way inside her mind.

Wait, was that Lizzy!?

It was. Her friend was wiggling her way towards her, a long and lanky dude in her tow. Cora’s heart soared in relief. Lizzy will know how to get ride of this guy.

Just then Cora felt his warm, sticky breath against her cheek.

Her body stiffened.

His tongue lashed out and licked her ear.

For a second she was too stunned to move, but as his tongue made its way along her jawline she pushed him away. Hard.

She glanced back at Lizzy and then fled to the overcrowded bathroom. Screw this. I’m outta here.

So this happened.

And believe it or not but I was surprised by the turn of events. Totally not what I was expecting.

All I wanted to do was go dancing with some friends and have fun.

Clearly, I’m as naive as people say I am.



• Am I like the most gullible 18 year old ever?

Is this what’s normally to be expected when going out?

• Also how did you like the third person perspective? Sometimes I find it easier observe than to relive. Know what I’m saying? Anyways, please let me know what you think. smile

Oh and one more thing: 

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11 thoughts on “Proof of the depth of my naivety.

  1. Carol Lyle

    Well written. This is a good post. Sorry for your bad encounters, I suppose that’s what bars are all about hey ?

    • Cora

      Ok I was so sure that I had already answered this comment that it’s starting to get creepy.
      Thank you though and yes I guess you’re right… Either way I’m not going back there any time soon!!

  2. um…
    That dude sounds like a creep to me.
    Okay, sorry, that’s not helpful. But I haven’t much experience with that sort of thing. All I know is, I would’ve whistled to my friggin hundred-pound Belgian Malinois and yelled, “go sic ’em!”
    Not that I have a Belgian Malinois. I’d like to, though.
    My advise: try not to put yourself in situations where things like that can happen. Sorry, I’m not trying to be your mom, (I’m younger than you, actually,) But I’m just sayin’, safety first, ya know? bad things can happen, if you aren’t careful. Not trying to scare you or anything, just sayin’.
    Take it or leave it.

    • Cora

      Ok I could have sworn I already replied to this comment. Hmm my mind must be playing tricks on me…..
      Anyways don’t worry about “mothering” me I think it kinda sweet that you care :)
      Also you’re right. This was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime-never-again experience. If I wanted somebody to lick my ear I’d take a leaf out of you book and buy a dog! :P

  3. Eww. You should’ve given him a neck strike. You know, like Bruce Lee might’ve done.

    • Cora

      Yeaaah I thought about going all Lara Croft on the guy, but ya know, too many by-standers, wouldn’t want to cause any unnecessary injuries.

      • *shakes head* We must work on your vicious side, madam.

        • Cora

          *nods head* We must, indeed.

          • First step, don’t fear Fb.

          • Cora

            Haha. Nice try.

          • One day I shall prevail! And we shall become FB friends. *nods*

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