Plowing through my sluggish mind


I dedicate this post to complete randomness, as all I want to do is write,but my mind is to tired to think of something creative…..       

(yup, that’s me)

This post was inspired by a blogger I’ve been following and I thought: “Ay, that sounds like a hoot and a half! Might as well give it a try!!”

(Ok so I may not have thought those exact words…. tongue

So anyways there are a couple of procedures I must fulfill to participate in this activity, so if you just want to skip down to the fun I promise I won’t mind and- oh look!- there’s even a little bubble for you to follow, so that your scrolling is easier °  (I don’t think I mentioned, but when this whole thing is finish it should be a Thinking Out Loud post wink )

Ok step one: Link back to RunnningWithSpoons (my inspiration)

Hmmm I already did that….. Let’s do it again just to be sure, ok? All righty then I once again present to you the (meanwhile famous) link

Puuuurfect :) ok what now!? *claps in hands enthusiastically* 

Let’s see……humdi humdi hum……. Well, woulda look at that! I’m done!!!

Now, after this crazy long introduction…. Let the games begin!!


  • You know what really annoys me? That there is no freaking way to make that ‘1’ over there any bigger or fancier or flashier!!!!!! Like aaaaaaah stand up for your self dammit!!!

[Update: I had to switch to bullet points, as the numbers got into a bar fight and were suspended for a week.]

  • I finally faced the sad and undeniable truth… I have never been less in a christmasy mood. You know why? My last exam is on the 23rd of December. 23RD!!!!!!!!!!!! Like are you trying to steal my christmas spirit?? Do you want to destroy my happiness???!  Huh? HUH??? o.O
  • Speaking of Christmas, I feel like having some cookies.
  • Oh Gosh… So I googled “cookies” in Google Images BIGGEST MISTAKE OF THE CENTURY!!! I’m literally drooling all over my dashboard.





(Oh sweet mother of goose!!!)

  • Ok so I literally just spent the last 30 minutes looking at cookie pictures……..
  • Don’t judge me……….

Ah geeez is it that late already??? Sorry people I’m off to bed 

Thank you for sticking with me through this amazingly stressful time and not leaving even though 90% of this post consisted of cookie pictures. tongue

Sleep tight!!!!! 

17 thoughts on “Plowing through my sluggish mind

  1. Haha, well, I liked your post anyway. Cookie photos included.

    • Haha thank you :)
      You know, whenever you like/comment a post of mine I feel like you’re giving me a digital high five!! :P ;)

      • Absolutely! *high fives* You make it easy to do by being so full of joy.

  2. All I can say is thank goodness I’m currently stuffed to the brim on brownies, or looking at those cookies would be torture. And an exam on the 23rd?! How is that even allowed!??!

    • Well I guess it is……. Unfortunately (+.+)
      Anyways thank you for commenting I feel like I’m talking to a celebrity ^.^ btw would mind terrible sending over a few of them brownies?
      I need all the help I can get :P :)

  3. -sobbing to cover rumbling stomach- Why????? Why did it have to be cookie pictures? Now I’m hungry again! And holy mother you have an exam on the 23rd? What sort of sadistic institute do you attend? (Having re-read the last sentence I must say: damn uni has ruined my informal vocabulary!) -shudder- Hold on tight there!

    • For cookies sake I forgot to press the reply button……
      Well, you’ll find it below….
      Sorry :} *smiles embarrassed*

  4. Haha, well said sadistic institute is called: school… (uugh

  5. I have never seen a more lovely cookie montage! It’s… nice (I guess) to see that I’m not alone in having a tough winter season. My last exam is the 18th which is coincidentally also my birthday, so I share your feelings! Hang i there! Good luck on that exam!

    • Aw thank you I made the montage myself :P
      There are so many fellow exam-sufferers out there I actually feel better already :) (in a twisted and slightly evil kind of way….) although having an exam on your birthday really sucks….. :( at least tell me it isn’t something horrible like Math or Latin!!!! O.O

    • And Good Luck to you to honey!!!!!!

  6. You just had to put those cookies in didn’t you? >.< *drools*

  7. Ignore the comment above of my FAILURE of typing. You just had to post cookies on this post didn’t you? >.< *lies in bed dreaming about cookies whilst stomach is rumbling* AND WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR FREAKING SCHOOL? THE 23RD? WHAT ARE THEY THINKING, WHAT IS GOING THROUGH THEIR GOD DAMN MINDS? Anyway ramble over but wth they doing

    • Haha, yeah well cookies are the only thing keeping me going *insert sassy gesture here*
      Aaaw thank you!!!! Good luck to you too ;)

  8. quirky, just love the randomness!

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