November Blogging Blues

I’m scared this blog is going to die.

But I don’t want it to.

I need this blog so much.

I love blogging regularly and staying up till all hours to finish a post.

I love taking pictures.

I love interacting with you.

But I just can’t write anymore.

I can’t.

Whenever I sit down with the intention of writing something the words evaporate somewhere between brain and pen. 

Sometimes I think I can feel inspiration tugging at the edge of my mind, but the thoughts wither away as soon as pen meets paper.

The few words that do trickle through mock me. Mock me until I crumple the paper in frustration.

Writing used to be a release. A way to get rid of the turmoil of emotion inside me. A way to deal with the stress of school and friends and family. 

But now there’s this blockage that keeps the words from spilling out like they used to.

I end up with a blank page and more frustration.

This has been going on for more than 2 weeks.

I missed 3 posting days already.

This pains me so much.

Does that mean this blog is dying?

Or worse my ability to write?

Please no.

I can’t let that happen.

I need to keep on writing.

I need this blog to stay alive.

Question: Does anyone else know what I’m going through? Could someone help me please?

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17 thoughts on “November Blogging Blues

  1. Hey girl, let me tell you that this is SO. NORMAL. Writers Block/Burnout happens to the best of us. I’m actually struggling with it a bit right now. My recommendation is to step away for a bit, and then return when you want to write something, not because you feel obligated to. Let the words come naturally. I promise that your blog is not dying – we all have those times in our blogging when you feel as if no words will come. It will pass!

    • Cora

      Thank you, it’s nice to hear other bloggers go through the same issues as I do (I hope that doesn’t sound sadistic ? ). I mean I know I’m not the only one with this occasional problem, but it’s just nice to actually hear, you know? :) (Well technically read, buuuut potatoes potAtoes, right? :P )
      I took your advice and shut down all things writing for 2 days and I do feel a bit better now :) I hope you do to soon!!

  2. Angela

    I have plenty to say but sometimes I can’t write. I only go through this when I keep making attempts to write my memoir. The bottom line is is that I’m afraid. Of what, I’m not sure. I’m not afraid of exposing myself. I also couldn’t write for many years because of depression. Perhaps it’s the former you’re experiencing. Maybe you’re unaware that you’re afraid to say something with your words. I hope you find out what’s going on with you. If you need to take a break, go ahead and do that.

    • Cora

      First of all, thank you so much for your honesty. It means more than I can say.
      And secondly, I think you might have a point about me being, well, afraid. Maybe it’s not fear per se but something recently happened that made me criticize my writing skills immensely!

  3. Yeah, that happens to me, too, from time to time. So, what I usually do is a random post with pics and whatnot. Also, just think on the new Star Wars…that should brighten things up. Or the Krampus.

    • Cora

      Hahaha “random pics”; that’s like a summery of my blog :P I think I’ll take your advice though and throw some more random pictures into the masses ?
      Oh and PS does reading A Game of Thrones count too?

      • *laughs* Yes, do! Oh, that absolutely counts. It took me forever to discover that there is actually a dragon in GoT. I don’t know how that happened.

        • Cora

          Psssssst!!! No spoilers!!! I’m at the beginning!!!

          • Sorry! You’ll have to tell me when you happen on the dragon.

  4. Edye

    Writers block happens to the best of us! Don’t worry about it! Maybe take a little break (if you want to) and find some inspiration. Read a book, look outside, watch a new TV show. I really enjoy reading your blog and I hope this helps!

    Happy Holidays!

    • Cora

      You do? Oh thank you so much; you writing that means so much! :D
      I tried taking things slow for about 2 days, doing anything but writing. I must say it definitely help a bit and I even managed to write a post today! :D
      Thank you for your support, Edye, and happy holidays!! :P

  5. ThatBearNextDoor

    I know how you feel, it’s not the end, I promise!
    Maybe you’re stressed or feel like not a lot is going on at the moment so there’s nothing to blog about. When I felt like that the last time, I sort of avoided my blog because I wasn’t keeping up with anything. Doing a blogging challenge will give you a reason and a prompt to blog everyday. I think it helps take away the feeling of ‘writers block’
    I hope this helps somehow -hopefully you keep on blogging! (:

    • Cora

      Thank you that’s so sweet of you to say!!
      I tried taking a break and it definitely helped a bit (I even manage to write a halfway decent post today ?)
      The blogging challenge is a really good idea though!! Do you know any challenges running at the moment? Or where I can find such a challenge? :)

      • ThatBearNextDoor

        At the moment, everyone is talking about Blogmas (though I don’t think that involves prompts). You could try Googling the words “Christmas blogging challenge” or something like that and you should find a few. Or -I actually did this once- google words associated with Christmas and write a post surrounding that word.
        Or, even better, you could make Christmasy bakey stuff and blog about them!

        • Cora

          Oh my gosh these are genius ideas!! Thank you so much!!!!! :D

  6. I think you just need to stop putting pressures on yourself. Don’t be afraid of missing days. As many others said.. writers’ block is very normal :) I know that sometimes Blogging Tips say that we always have to follow certain schedules to be “successful” (which I guess is true in commercial blogs). But I think at the end of the day, we write to gather our thoughts, and to express ourselves. I used to force myself to write / post once a week.. and though it’s good for the stats, I realize I’m happier when there’s no self-imposed deadlines or the pressure to write something when all we needed is to take a break and clear our mind :) And don’t worry about taking a little break. We, the followers who care will always welcome you back hehe :D

    • Cora

      You’re right, you’re right I need to chill and loosen my schedule. I was actually forced into taking a break due to school stress and I feel better :) so, again, you’re right, the world will not end just because I didn’t post this week. :P

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