4905 sleep sheep later….

I can’t sleep.

So my life pretty much sucks right now…

It’s 12.32 PM (no wait that’s AM now right? Jeesh you american’s need to update your clock system!) which I know is not terribly late but considering I have to get up at 6.00 AM again I better start counting sheep….and pronto!


If I fall asleep right this very instant I will have…

-7 minutes of math calculation later-

…5 hours and 20 minutes of sleep (right? Oh please tell me I’m right! Otherwise things just turned a heck of a lot more embarrassing)

The frustrating thing is I’m not really tired, like my eyes are heavy as well as my limbs, but my mind? That buzzing lil b just won’t shut down!!!


(It’s sad how accurate this picture is.)

Also I think I’m hungry….. Just like my body to mess things up again!!

Geeeeeez…. She’s always been very inconsiderate that way…. The last hilarious (not) prank she pulled was making me lactose intolerant. And just after I’d discovered my undying love for Ben&Jerry’s Ice Cream!!! (Well it’s dead now, that’s for sure)


I’ll be crying in a corner if you need me.

To be honest I’m a little bit scared to be using all these picture from Google Images….with all the warnings and DO NOT’s flying around lately…. But I always, always add the source!! Just click the image and you’ll see. Go ahead, click it! I’ll wait No, seriously please click it and if it doesn’t work or take you to the source please tell me!!!

I don’t want to risk getting arrested by the ePolice….

cell smiley


In the meantime it’s 12.50 AM and I have yet to fall asleep….

So how are Jerry and the kids?

Martha doing fine?

Good, good.

George got a promotion? Wow that’s cool!!

See I told you there was more in her than you first thought!!


*awkward silence*

I can tell you the three linguistic styles the romaines used to spice up their speeches! In Latin I should add. Wanna hear? yeah well…. you don’t have a choice. I present to you:

  • genus subtile
  • genus medium
  • genus grande (also know as the Starbucks style)

Something I’ll totally need when being attack by vicious ninjas…..

(or pirates… same difference)

[Short intermission it’s 1.20 AM now……]

Yup I definitely should try getting some sleep now.

I can already see the headlines:


Sleep deprived teenage zombie girl found staggering around in a deserted park, madly muttering something about Starbucks.

Psychologist Med. Dr. Styrofoam reports:

.Tomorrow's headlines: Sleep deprived zombie girl found Click To Tweet


Disclaimer: At the off chance that I may have offended someone in this post (is that even English?) I am profoundly sorry and offer my deepest apologies. I get cranky when I can’t sleep.



2 thoughts on “4905 sleep sheep later….

  1. Sorry to hear this! Try meditation before bed!

    • Cora

      Now there’s something I haven’t tried before! Does is work? And stupid question but….how does one meditate….?

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