Me This Month Trial Run :D

“My this Month” is a thing I’m trying because I love taking pictures and I thought this might be a good way to in-cooperate them in my blog and also gives you guys a little glimpse of what is going on in my life. Or not. I don’t know. It’s a test run. Think of it as a little recap of my month. I hope you like it. Or not. Again I don’t know. If you enjoyed it tell me. If you didn’t tell me. Seriously no hard feeling. Like I said. This is a trail.


Now after that mind blowing intro, I’ll jump right to it smile


My book this month:

“When I Found You” by Catherine R. Hyde. To be honest I don’t know if I like the book or not. It most certainly is well written, but it’s not a very cheerful book… I mean, sure, it has it’s happy moments but it also has a lot of sad ones. Hmmm come to think of it I guess you could say it’s a reflection of life. Real life. Not the buffered, happy go lucky, pastel version you sometimes get in other books (not that I have anything against those, mind you!! Sometimes these books are the only thing that keep my going…) Anyway I’m still reading it and so far so good smile
Also the most used word is “awkward” which is a plus if you ask me wink

(I’m reading this book on Kindle so I can’t take a picture of the cover tongue )

My horror this month:

Ok this one is easy. My Math Exam. This one wins hands down. You know why? Not only was it MATH (I know right?? Uuugh) But also it was the first exam with our new test system (Austria has a new test system… Worst idea ever…blah, blah,blah and test/exams as we know it have completely changed. Short version: It sucks. And so close to graduation too!! AAAAAH I have have a smiley that describes my feelings perfectly (then again when don’t I wink )

climbing smiley

But I digress….)

And to make matters worse in a class of 23 students freaking 20 FAILED!!!!!! So we have to redo the exam…. on Thursday the 9th of April…. 3 days after the Easter holidays…. GAAAAAAAH



Ok then! Swiftly moving on to more cheerful topics before I start crying…


My obsession this month:

The weather has been surprisingly bad the last few weeks, which is why I am now trying to make a pact with God, so that sunny days become a more frequent and reliable thing. (If the weather people tell me one more time next week will be full of sunshine only to have it rain 90% of the time I will go crazy!!!! O.o)
So far, I’m still in the researching phase but my colleagues and I are confident that progress will be made soon.

(I miss you sun!!! Come back!!!)


My victory this month:

I consider not running out of school screaming like crazy a victory, but today I have something a little different for this category :) (I am not a fan of these new smiles!!!!! Uugh I’m going to have to get some new ones…. Or I could just toughen up…. Hahaha naaaah couldn’t even say that with a straight face. I’m getting me new smileyyyss!! (=^ω^=) )
Ok where was I…. Right! My true accomplishment this month.

Maybe I’m being a typical overdramatic teenager but I consider making it to my 18th birthday, with only a few serious scars, and getting to spend it in Venice kind of awesome….
I could’ve had it a lot worse… A LOT. But I didn’t, and for that I am grateful.
So…you know… Yaay!!

earth smiley



My cookies this month:

When I have a lot of school stress I tend to bake (it’s a very good anger management technique. Just pummel all your frustration and aggressions into the dough. It’s a win win situation!! You’ve released your angry, had a nice little upper arm workout and get perfectly fluffy cookies on topl!! What more does a person want!!??).
This month’s cookies were full of oatmeal, nuts, dried fruits aaaaand TINIE, TINY, CHOCOLATE CHIPS!!!!! (If you ask me one of the best invention EVER!!)
I was banking long hours at school and I needed something to keep me going tongue

*insert angel choir here*




Ok after rereading this post this whole thing seems kind of bumpy and, well, pointless…. But that could just as well be my not so great mood talking…. I will let you guys be the verdict of that smile Also I have a new resolution that not everything has to be tip top perfect (except cookies, but that’s self explanatory). 

Have a great day wonderful everyone!!!!


2 thoughts on “Me This Month Trial Run :D

  1. Good luck with the exam! It’s always the worst when you’re affected by their changes in the middle of the year

    • Cora

      Thanks :)
      I know right!!? Like why, WHY would you do this to us!!?!?!? O.o

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