My mom had to drag me to the airport kicking and screaming.

Let me be clear: I did not want to leave London. At all.

I actually considered hiding under the hotel bed until my mom was forced to leave without me.

But that would’ve been childish.

Which I clearly am not.

*cough, cough*

Also there was a certain lack of space that kept me from fulfilling the operation.

Just look at the wonderful pictures from my last post! And I promise you NO FILTERS!!

Or if clicking that link is a bit too much action for you right now (not judging, know that feeling all too well) take a look at these:

048(Adorable little cottage in Notting Hill!!)




(The mandatory picture of the red phone booth )

Even in rain England has a certain charm to it




On an unrelated matter, look what I found at Holland & Barrett!

My Super Lactase Enzyme Green Bottle Thingy from Holland&Barrett(Please ignore my fairy sheets… I was too lazy to get out of bed…)

Lactase Tablets!!

And do you know what that means?


Y’all it’s been A YEAR without any ice cream (except for those watery sorbets thingies, which are good on there own, but if all you want is some chocolate ice cream then the pain is real.)

This is a freaking revelation!!!

Naturally I bought six bottles of these little miracle workers.

Add to that, the people here are so dang nice!!!

Like after I bought the tablets I could hardly contain my happiness to a socially excepted level.


So when I entered a Gap (the store. My store. I adore. Doesn’t exist in Austria. Thank the Angel of Clothing for online shopping!!) and it had an up to 70% discount I sighed. Like this really loud, happy sigh.

A Gap worker heard me and asked if I was alright. I said, “Yes, I’m great. I just love Gap.”

He replied, “Well you’re about to love it even more!” Then he got me to give him my e-mail address in exchange for 25% of my shopping. (First 70% off then 25% my haul cost near to nothing)

Now here comes the part that made me want to kiss him (he was cute btw so it wouldn’t have been a total sacrifice ):

“Hey I really like your attitude, man. Yeeeah, I’m like totally feeling it.”

And then he made wavy hand gestures towards his face, probably indicating my vibes blasting him in the face.


True story. 

Who wants a hug?? :D

And just to keep the randomness in this post alive…..:

Happy Birthday Vanessa!!!!!birth day candle smiley I hope you have a splendoorious day and don’t let all that school stuff bring you down!!  

And now back to you guys: Tell me something great that happened today. smile

6 thoughts on “My mom had to drag me to the airport kicking and screaming.

  1. Great pics! And yes, gap IS the best! Hope you get to come back to London again soon!

    • Cora

      I will most definitely have to come back!!! I actually have half a mind to study there… And thank you :)

  2. This post makes me ridiculously happy! Also? GAP is the BEST. STORE. EVER. True story. I would totally hug you if I wasn’t still hating you for going to London without me. ;)

    • Cora

      Aaw it does? Yay that makes me ridiculously happy ? and hon I’m really glad you don’t know where I live ’cause you’re about to hate me a whole lot more ?

  3. Also? LOVE the pics. I will have to make a trip to London soon.

    • Cora

      Thank youuuu ? and yes you HAVE to go to London some time soon! (and take me with you hihi)

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