My hair isn’t blonde! (and other important things)

My hair isn’t blonde.

It’s strawberry blonde.

Not that it’s of any importance to you.

But to me it is.

My whole life people have been saying my hair is blonde (with the exception of my mom who firmly believes my hair is golden), but I’ve never really felt “blonde”. I never really felt part of that kind of group.

And now I know why. I’m strawberry blonde.

*Phew.* Had to get that off my chest!

So anyways today I was possessed mby a crazy spirit and went for a jog. Before you click away in disgust and never come back I should tell you this won’t be a ohmygosh-I-can’t-believe-how-much-jogging-changed-my-life post (although this particular one was very enjoyable! I was totally in the zone with my music and everything and I only had to stop once and that was when a petal tried to choke me. I’m glad to announce it’s mission failed, much to the disappointment of my brother).

Naah seriously my  run reminded me of another little run of mine that wasn’t quite as amusing.

Story time!!

It was a semi bleak, semi cold winters day, which, sadly, was a drastic improvement to the days before. Little Cora, filled with hope that more warmer days would follow, decided to show her appreciation by going for a jog.

Also she was fed up with being cooped up inside 24/7 and felt like a caged animal, and like any other animal she felt like escaping, that turned into a run. (Don’t ask me why these mammals have mysterious ways…) 

At the beginning it was fun, breathing in the crisp, cool air, the enjoyable pain of her muscles burning, everything being completely silent. Cora was entirely alone.

And then she began to realize why.

The crisp, cool air was actually pretty darn cold, and the enjoyable pain just became painful. But she would not stop. NO! She’d been stuck indoors too long for a frivolous discomfort to stop her. What was that proverb crazy people used to defend their actions?

Ah, right.

No pain no gain.

(More like no brain no pain, am I right?)

With that in mind Cora continued her journey. All went relatively well (aside from her shoes being soaked due to snow, and constant sneezing) until she came to a particularly tricky slope.

Why was it tricky you ask?

Well for one thing it was rather steep, and for another it was covered with ice.

But Cora would not let a petty optical thrown in her path by Mother Nature stop her!!! And it was as though the Angels of Fate had heard her because the moment she clenched her teeth and began to climb “I’m a Survivor” started playing on her portable music devise (no sneaky product placement here wink ).

Energy surged through her body like lighting. She started pumping her legs, and slipped. She jumped back up immediately not letting a little fall bring her down and slipped again.

Because you don’t jump on ice.

Cursing only ever so slightly Cora got back up brushed the ice-snow-thingy off her knees and continued her journey. Walking this time.

She ascended a few steps and then slid backward. She tried again, but to the same result.

Now, normal people would’ve called it a day, turned around, and gone back home (maybe have a nice hot bath, watch some TV, read)  but not Cora. Nooooooo….

She clearly had something to prove.

So Cora got on her knees and crawled up the slope.

I can only imagine the amusement the Angels of Fate must have had watching the struggle,of our little Cora. Steep, icy slope, heavy breathing, clothes drenched, pulling herself up with bloody fingernail, all the while having I’m a Survivor throb through her headphones.

Why they didn’t think of giving her a hand is a different question.

4 thoughts on “My hair isn’t blonde! (and other important things)

  1. Carol Lyle

    I like your story theme article. Happy writing.

    • Cora

      Aaw thanx :smile:
      Happy writing to you too!!!! :biggrin:

  2. ana

    love your writing style!! love your blog, would be fab if you could check mine out too xxx

    • Cora

      Oh gosh thank you so much!!!!!!! :biggrin:
      I would be honored to check out your blog! xx

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