Where to go if you wanna say hello :)

Come over for coffee.

Or gossip.

Or both.  

I’m not the most communicative person in the world seeing as I spend most of the time in my room on the computer or reading or sleeping or wishing I could be sleeping but doing homework instead, BUT since you don’t actually want to meet me in person I’d say your chances of a response are pretty good. ;)

So. If you feel like talking, recipe swapping or simply stalking follow me on




or contact me via e-mail: apricotsandcream.s@gmail.com

Looking forward to hearing from you! :D


coffee screen smiley

(This is such an exact replica of me 27 minutes ago……..)


9 thoughts on “Where to go if you wanna say hello :)

  1. The hand does look a bit off, I’d say!

  2. Cora! I wanted to pick your brain about getting your own domain and switching from wordpress.com to wordpress.net. Any chance I could shoot you an e-mail? Let me know. Thanks!

    • Cora

      Sure! Anytime :)
      Right now if you want to! I’m just scrolling through tumblr contemplating the meaning of life so…you know…I have a few minutes to spare… ;)

  3. Ha! No WAY! ME TOO! I kid… kind of.

    Anyway… so first of all, did you find it super hard to switch from wordpress.com to .net? I mean, is the set up totally different and something you felt incapable of doing on your own? And what were some of the major things that changed on your blog? And did you find it really difficult not having a reader to update you on all the new blog posts? And… Oh, do you like it? Did you think it was worth it?

    Sorry… so many questions. I’m not even sure those make sense… but if they do, let me know your thoughts. :)

    • Cora

      Hahah ok I’ll try to answer as well as I can :P
      Here goes:
      No I didn’t think switching was that complicated. It takes some time especially if you want to import your previous posts. Also while importing some images mighty get lost so I recommend rechecking all you old posts to see if they are still intact. ;) (like I just realized the most essential info from my #mesosocial page was missing… Ooops…)
      The dashboard is actually pretty much the same as wordpress.com just a few extra features added such as plugins. You should check you updates every now and then, but otherwise you should be fine. You may want to install Akismet (that’s this genius spam filter thing I still have to make time to activate :| ) but that comes as part of the Jetpack package so all you have to do is activate an Akismet account.
      Do you know what Jetpack is and what it does?
      The most major thing that changed on my blog was the Theme. Like guuurl you there are so many different themes out there you wouldn’t even imagine!! AND you can change the color, the header, the font (although you need a plugin for that, but it’s totally easy ;) ), you can also decide where you put your widgets!! 8) very cool if you ask me…
      Well here’s the thing if you have Jetpack you are kind of still linked to WordPress. like you can still view your stats there and when you do you’ll notice the little blue Reader button. So technically you still have Reader it’s just a click more ;)
      Also there are other “Reader-Like” websites like “Bloglovin'” or “Feedly”.
      Honestly when I made the transaction I kinda freaked, I wasn’t sure if it was the right decision, or how it worked, or what it did, and basically all the questions you are having now but now the I am older and wiser ( :lol: ) I think it was a good decision. I love playing with the themes and plugins, fonts and colors. It was also a really good motivational boost!! I was in a runt back then and having an own website totally fueled my motivation. It’s YOUR website now and naturally you want your work to be seen (at least I did anyway ^_^)
      Oh lordy this turned into quite an essay…
      I’m going to stop now because my shoulders ache but if you have any more questions, ask! Like seriously I don’t mind.
      P.S Do you maybe want to continue this convo via email or rather here in this comment section?

  4. THANK YOU! Yes… I’d love to shoot you an e-mail so I don’t clutter up your page here. What is your e-mail address?

  5. Or better yet… You can e-mail me. annieemmyevans@gmail.com

  6. Um… So… The home page says this blog doesn’t exist and I’m just wondering if the address has changed or if this page here is a hallucination or what?

    • What wait no!? I’m still very much alive and so is this blog. I just got hacked or something in March and have spent months trying to set things straight. FInally I managed to move all my content to apricotsandcream.net It#s still very much a work in progress so please excuse the mess :)

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