Me This Month .September 2015.

A Me This Month on a Listless Tuesday day.

Oh when will the craziness end!


My book this month:


Lord Of the Rings Kindle(See what I did there tongue )

Honestly I’m surprised, I started reading Lord of the Rings simply because I was fresh out of reading material and didn’t  want to do my homework just yet. I expected to be bored immediately but so far I’m actually really enjoying it. smile Who knows, maybe I’m even geekier than I thought. ???


My pet peeve this month:

The weather.

I believe it’s a well known fact around here that I am not a winter fan, especially if there’s no snow (like the last 6 years) and everything is just cold, drizzly and gray. BLAH! If this winter turns out like that I don’t think even Christmas could cheer me up…. :I

So far it’s been ok though *quickly knocks on everything wooden withing a 10 meter premises* almost autumny even. I hope it stays that way for a few more weeks before plunging us into Hello Depression November.



My obsession this month:

*awkwardly looks left, looks right*

*leans forward and motions you to do the same*


*says in a hushed voice*

The new Taylor Swift Album.



My victory this month:

Finally buying a tiny cactus!!!

I’ve been wanting to have something green in my room ever since I read it’s supposed to improve your mood and productivity and yesterday I finally got to it. bigsmile


My little cactus(Houston. We have a problem.)


My little green cactus(That’s better smile )



My cookies this month:

So my mom bought shredded carrots. Probably thinking…. I don’t know….. something smart.

Anyways after chilling in the kitchen unwanted for a while I felt sorry for them and decided to hit Google in hopes of discovering a carrot something recipe.

This is what I found: Breakfast Carrot Cake Cookies


Carrot Cake Cookies



For my first ever try they turned out ok. The texture is rather cakey (which can be good or bad depending on your point of view) and the taste is still a bit bland…. I’ll definitely need to do some tweaking before I can declare them Breakfast Worthy.

Although in cases of emergency I did occasionally pair them  with a cup of Joe  ☕️



Coffee and Cookie



Oh and these cupcakes.

Nutty Chocolatey Cupakey Delight








Nutty Chocolatey Cupakey Delight








Nutty Chocolatey Cupakey Delight


Remember those..? smile

Yeeaaaah I still dream about them at night…. ☺️



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Your link this month:

Add your awesomest post of the month to the link up beloooow bigsmile



5 thoughts on “Me This Month .September 2015.

  1. Yes! A cactus. Love LOTR! And the movies. And the music. Just did a music vid ’cause it’s that good.

    • Cora

      Haha I have yet to see the movies to be honest. I told myself to first read the book then watch the movies. (It’s a silly rule I have that I can’t get myself to break ^^’ )

      • Cora! You bad thing. You must see the movies at once. Or else…or else!

  2. I’m not a fan of winter either – in fact you could say I can’t stand it! I always have mixed feelings about fall because I know winter is right around the corner.

    • Cora

      Haha same here! And since I didn’t live in the US I don’t even have Thanksgiving or Halloween to look forward to :(

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