Me This Month .July 2015.

I had to but this type of post on pause, due to excessive amount of you-know-what-stress and they do take some time planning and preparing.

But now as I lounge around in the sun, I decided to give the “Me This Month” posts another shot. 


My book this month:

The freaking 10th book of the House Of Night series!

London and after 017


This series has become the food I eat, the air I breath and the sleep I don’t.

Seriously though, things are getting intenser by the page  (I just really hope no cats die though… Vampires I can handle, humans yeah whatev, but cats aanooo.)


My horror pet peeves this month:

(Yeah I’m thinking about calling this one “My pet peeves this month, ’cause “horrors” seems kind of harsh. Dontcha (wish your girlfriend was hot like me uh!(sorry…)) think?)


This past month has been downright boring! And by that I mean wonderful!!!

The worst thing that happened to me was a homeless guy telling me to piss off.


My obsessions this month:

Taking pictures!!!

I never knew what a satisfaction the camera shutter sound could be.

After I went all sorts of crazy with in London (guys, the pictures I showed you barely scrap the surface) I grabbed my camera and made a bee line to the park taking pictures of pretty much everything that jumped in my way.


wandering around2015 (7)


wandering around2015 (24)


wandering around2015 (17)


wandering around2015 (39)



I’m sorry, I know I’ve been bombarding you pictures the last few posts… And probably will keep on doing so. I really hope you don’t mind terribly. 


My victory this month:

Ok, this one is easy

Naturally the first thing I’m proud of is finishing the school year with only minor bumps and bruises and mild mental scaring. (Although oh my gosh I just remembered, there was this one incident that happened a week before the holidays began which was a true What. The. Freaking. F*ck. Did you just say to me. I won’t go into detail about it now, but don’t let me forget to tell you guys!!)

And the second would be making my way around London, practically alone, and surviving! DLR, underground, train, wandering around nameless streets,… you name it I done it.


My cookies this month:

Ok, ok confession time.

No cookies.

Not this month.



Ever since I found the magic dairy pills I’ve been catching up on a year of missed ice cream.

Mostly chocolate.

Because chocolate.

Also my mom MADE some lactose free chocolate ice cream for me (she was worried about all the lactose straining my stomach) so I’m drowning in creamy goodness right now!!

London and after 024


London and after 029

(I threw some muesli over this one ’cause I’m so healfy )


Can I get a YAAASSS!



Just a handful of the posts that I enjoyed this month:


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And some I simply forgot to mention (sorryyy)

But let me try to redeem myself.

Add the link of this months blog post you are most proud of to the link up below! 

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