Me This Month .February 2016.

Oh my gosh I can’t believe it’s been so long since I last did one of these!!

Time flies when school is breathing down your neck….

Also, a fancy little alteration has been made: You can now add a link to one of your posts in the link-up below! tongue


My Book This Month:

Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier


An awesome, amazing, fabulous book, indeed! The beginning is a tad tedious, but trust me, fighting through is so worth it. The ending….ohmygosh….that ending… chills, people…. chills I tell ya….


My Pet Peeve This Month:

Now, this going to come as a big surprise buuuut school.

I hate it.

I can’t.

I don’t wanna.

Don’t make me.


(My morning thoughts in a nutshell)

I can’t even begin to convey this immense joy I feel whenever I imagine my life after graduation (3 months!!!) and the freedom and the happiness and the world full of sunshine and flowers and cupcakes that come with it. And then the earth shattering, life sucking emotional bullet that slams into me whenever I have to pull myself back to the vocab-learning-essay-writing reality.

Le sigh.


My Obsession This Month:


Sleepy sleepy sleep.

A warm embrace, a comforting hug, a friend I miss oh so very much. I could sleep all day if you’d let me. (Actually, I believe I wrote an entire post dedicated to sleep.) Sadly though, I can’t.

Sooooooo I decided to shift my obsession to something a little more realistic aka this adorable mug. heart

Eeyore Mug

I drink my coffee out of this mug every morning and even just looking at it makes me ridiculously happy. 


My Victory This Month:

Not failing any of my classes yet. It’s rough, it’s hard, it’s suuuper annoying, but this is a battle I plan on winning. 


My Cookies This Month:

No cookies.

Much sadness.

But cupcakes, so things could be worse. smile









My links this month:

A round abouty round up of all the things I posted this month these last few months.

One step closer to freedom!!

Aaaand suddenly it’s 2016….

The last box on my To Do List

Smiling because mom said it’s better for my skin

Things I do that apparently annoy my brother.


My link love this month:

Just a handful of the posts that I enjoyed this month and would love to share. bigsmile

Posts that made Me Smile:

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Food Post that had My Mouth Watering Simply by Looking at the Pictures:

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Tips for Blogging Post:

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Poemy Poem Post:

On Rivers and In Skies via Owen “Beleaguered” Servant


And some I simply forgot to mention (sorryyy)

But let me try to redeem myself.

Add this month’s blog post you are most proud of to the link up below!

5 thoughts on “Me This Month .February 2016.

  1. That mug is so cute!! Good luck with school, I know you can do it <3333

    Edye // Gracefulcoffee

    • Cora

      I know right!? I just love Eeyore ??☺ haha thanks, you too!!!

  2. Have you read The House On the Strand, also by du Maurier? Great book, kinda creepy, but a great read.
    OMG those cupcakes, I want them!

    • Cora

      No I haven’t thanks for the tip! That’s kind of her theme though isn’t it? Creepy, mysterious yet insanely awesome? :) Have you read Rebecca?

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