Me This Month .August 2015.

Y’all the jet lag is real.

Yes I am back.

Yes I had a great time.

Yes I have tons of pictures I can’t wait to share with you!




I am so tired the words are duplicating, expanding and going all blurry as I write them.

Luckily I finally (re-)discovered a mug I have deemed worthy for my coffee.

Anyone remember my Winnie The Pooh mug from Venice I so did not steal?

Colin Game Boy, Coffee 'n Grampa 080



Yup that’s the one.



Colin Game Boy, Coffee 'n Grampa 084-2(Pfft tea or coffee what a question!)


So before I reveal anymore FDA unapproved information or one of us falls asleep I decided to do a quick, low-key monthly round up which is kinda turning into a thing, and do the exciting round up next time. (If you’re dying for information check out my last post for a glimpse of what I’ve been up to wink )

What do you say?

Sound like a plan? 

Great! Then let’s get crackin’!!

Just one moment just really quickly need to refill my coffee.



Ok. I’m good. Let’s do this!


My book this month:

Meet me at the Cupcake Café by Jenny Colgan.



This is just the cutest, frilly, fluffy wuffy feel good book I’ve read in a long time 

It’s about this girl, Issy, who is “made redundant” at her bleak dead end job and is incredibly talented at baking. She decides to make her passion into a business blah blah blah through in an idiot boyfriend and a cute banker and ya got the story 
It’s a typical chick lit and even though I’m not done yet I’m preeetty sure how the book is going to end.
But it makes me happy, the main topic is cupcakes (if you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know how committed I am to cupcakes. And cookies. Never forget the cookies.) aaand it has recipes sprinkled on between soooooo I’d say Score!!



My pet peeve this month:

My skin.

My gawddang bed sheet white skin.

During my time in the tropics I pretty much had to ninja from one shade to another all the while wearing a thick coat of 50+ sunscreen.

Basically imagine a white greasy mozzarella ball speedily rolling from one shady tree to the next.

C’est moi. (Which means something…or other in french. Can’t quite recall cause I suck at french, which while we’re on the topic is another pet peeve of mine but we’re not gonna talk about that now because eew.)


My obsession this month:


The crazy was always present, but was awoken from its slumber when i started reading the book and after being separated from my dear baking utensils for almost a month has turned into a full blown craze.

Sadly I have yet to get a hang of them. I made 2 different kind for my grampa’s birthday but they ended up all runny and gross looking (they did taste kinda good though if I may say so myself )

092(These are not those. These are what those are supposed to look like when they grow up. (Confused yet?))


My victory this month:

Meeting up and successfully reconnecting with Long Lost Twin.

Albeit we’ve only met up once but have been messaging quite often and I’d say we get along quite well. Almost like before. But different. Because we’re different. Everything’s different. The whole world is constantly changing and it needs to stop!

*awkward silence*



My cookies this month:

Pretty much everything from the book.

 Brownies. The aforementioned Disaster Cupcakes. (No pictures because no cookies.)


Chocolate Chip Cookies. 


029(*siiiiigh* the love is real….)







And some good ol’ fashioned oatmeal raisin cookieeess!!! Because this is a healthy and wholesome family. *cough, cough*





Just a handful of the posts that I enjoyed this month:

Some funny:

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Some recipes:

Because, Blueberry Scones w/Lemon Glaze. via mistyannesays

(Ok ya got me only one recipe, BUT they are incredibly tasty!! )

And some I simply forgot to mention (sorryyy)

But let me try to redeem myself.

Add this month’s blog post you are most proud of to the link up below! 


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7 thoughts on “Me This Month .August 2015.

  1. Aha! Glad to know you had a good time. Now, I actually get tan, which is just as bad as being white, I fear. When you tan, you become two different colors. Also, love that camera! And cupcakes rule.

    • Cora

      What seriously!!? 2 different colors?? How does that work? ??
      Thanks I love my camera very much as well. And preach it cupcakes rule!! Better than that muffin stuff pfft

      • *laughs* Yes…well, see, the sun is very nasty and quite hot, so I usually don’t go shirtless, but I do wear muscle man shirts. So, my arms turn a different shade then the rest of me. *laughs* That sounds frightful, but it’s true!

        A cupcake is a muffin with icing!

        • Cora

          Interesting…………… Never thought of it that way…
          Ooooh hells no!! Hell. To. The. NO. You did NOT just say muffins are cupcakes with icing! No. Just…. no. You have…. I thought you…. This…. aagh I can’t look at you right now.

          • Yes, now I’m sure you think it’s strange. *laughs* Can’t even look at me? Humph noodles. Madam, one day thou shall admit that a cupcake is a muffin–with icing.

          • Cora

            Hahaha the day I utter those words from my mouth shall be the day the world ends. :cool:

          • Wow. That is a big statement right there. Please never utter those words!

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