Me This Month .April 2015.


So some of you might remember I did a My This Month Trial last month and it was so much fun I decided to do another one! bigsmile

Yaaay!!! So without further ado here’s what I’ve been up to this (read:last) month.


My book this month:

Marked by P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast (no this is not some creepy last name coincidence, they really do belong together. P.C is the mother and Kristen her daughter, how cute is that??! smile ).


(ze cover)


Now this is kinda awkward, but I absolutely adore this book!! It’s the first book of a cheesy vampire series and I love it. (In my defense this book was written pre Vampire Diaries/Twilight Movies, so the cheesiness is kept to a limit). I really like reading series because it takes away the fear of finishing the story and having to part with the characters any time soon sad which, inconsequentially, is one of the many things I dread in this world. I also really enjoy the way it’s written. It’s kinda like you’re in a typical, american teenager’s head who just tries to deal with the whole new vampire thing (of course she’s a 16 year old girl who gets turned into a vampire and is somewhat special, what else did you expect?) in a hilariously dry and sarcastic way. Highly recommendable to anyone who enjoys cheese wink .


My horror this month:

Honestly it’s pathetically similar to last month: Math. *gulp* except that now Latin exam was added to the mix….. First Latin exam and right after that math exam………… A deadly combination *shudders*

(Speaking of deadly combinations…. Is that milk??? O_o)



My obsession this month:

Notebooks. Lots and lots and lots of notebooks.

I see them. I flip through them. I caress their pages. I fall in love with them. I start looking for matching pens. I get all giddy and happy. I hover around them for so long till my mom exasperated exclaims “Oh just buy one already!!” and because I’m an obedient and simply wonderful daughter (right mom? :P) I buy one (or two or three).

Here’s my notebook haul from the last few weeks:

022 (2)

(Yes I have a problem. I know. Although admittedly one of these notebooks is actually a calender.)



My victory:

I’m alive?

This month has been one big windy tornado whisking me around and around and around whilst I desperately try to keep my wits about me…. But I’m in a relatively good mood considering, and I only had one total melt down so far… I’d say things are lookin’ pretty good, ei??





My cookies this month:

My current cookies are not so much cookies as they are weird yogurt smushy thingies…….. (no time for baking *sniff* cry )



(Desperate times call for desperate measures)

It’s not exactly cookies quality (to be honest it’s not even close, but what’s a girl gonna do….) however profoundly better than nothing. And this month is all about compromising (apparently) so I will have to make do with the yogurt thingy. Things could be worse though. Have a mentioned it contains mini chocolate chips  

I posted a few of my yogurt smush creations on Instagramicus (#mesolatin) if you feel the urge to waste some time looking at diary product pictures wink


Oh well that was it for today, Hope you have a wooonderful weekend!!

PS: Question- What do you do when you are fresh out of cookies?


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