How life without school looks like

6:15 AM

I wake up in the morning feeling like P-Diddy.



7:15 AM

Breakfast with the rising sun and a good book. My favorite part of the day bigsmile

Book and Breakfast


8:15 AM 

OK so maybe I was a tad overeager getting out of bed this morning. I think I’ll take a little nap. And since you can’t go to bed without a book…:

Book in Bed


9:15 AM 

oook never mind didn’t expect that to work anyway…. Time for coffee!

Coffee Beans


10:15 AM

Well would ya look at that? I’m cleaning out my sock drawer and questioning my sanity.

Sock Drawer


I then moved on to cleaning out my closet and concluded that I am, indeed, bat crap crazy.

11:15 AM found me in the shower all dusty and sweat and gross. Cleaning is hard work I tell ya!

12:15 PM

Lying in bed utterly exhausted and starving.


1:15 PM (actually it was 1:32 PM. *crowd gasps, old lady in the back faints in distress*)

Lunch. eating 1 smiley



I also had some peanut butter and jelly toast but it wasn’t very photogenic….


2:15 PM

Reevaluating my life choices while scrolling through Tumblr




3:15 PM came rolling to find me sipping yet another coffee (in my defense I’ve been up since 6 AM) and reading The Secret History by Donna Tartt. 

Book and Coffee



4:15 PM

Nothing has changes except for the state of my coffee and the position of the sun. smile

Book and Coffee


5:15 PM

I convinced my mom to drive me out to my favorite jogging path in the woods (I hate running on concrete; I feel like a piece of my knee splinters off with ever step I take leaving a glistening white trail of powdered bone in my wake.)

Colorful Sweatpants


6:15 PM

Waiting for my mom to pick me up again (I need to get my driver’s license!!) while doing some pseudo-professional stretching.

Colorful Sweatpants Part 2


7:15 PM

Playing Mario Cart all by my lonesome since my brother decided to ditch me for some party or other.

Mario Cart


8:15 PM

Hiding out in my room reading (we have guests, which means small talk which is the synonym for uugh) while eagerly awaiting dinner.



9:15 PM

Still waiting for dinner….. Meanwhile, I decided to find out a bit more about my university and when I’ll have to sign up and all that practical stuff.



10:15 PM

Gulping down the last bites of dinner before scuttling off into my room 

(No picture because things were awkward enough as it is)

11:15 PM sleep 

We interrupt this program for these Breaking News

10:47 PM

Due to a series of unfortunate events cactus is pushed off high place and plummets toward its inevitable doom. Miraculously the plant itself survived the fall with only minor injuries. The pot, however, had gone humpty dumpty.

Broken Pot


10:50 PM

Cue in mental breakdown

11:15 PM

Cactus owner is till shaken by recent events and is trying to calm her nerves by reading.

Cactus owner is so wrought that she forgot to take a picture.

11:34 PM 

The adrenaline is starting to wear off and cactus owner is starting to feel the first signs of drowsiness.


12:15 AM zzzzzz


8 thoughts on “How life without school looks like

  1. This post made my day. <3

    xx Mackenzie

    • Well this comment made me day, thank you! xx

  2. I love these kinds of posts, Cora! Mario Kart is so fun. Isn’t Yoshi and Toad the cutest? ;)

    • Aaw thank you, Edye :)
      Gaah I never get the spelling of Mario Kart right!! I keep spelling Cart!
      Yes, they are! My brother always plays Yoshi and I’m always Toad :D

  3. Mary Z.

    Cute post! :)

  4. Pretty awesome day! I love the breakfast :)

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