When life gives you lemons it’s time for tequila

Ok, so remember the entrance exam I was freaking out about? 

The one with the app. 7000 participants in Vienna alone, where only the top 8% get in, and has nothing to do with medicine at all?

Yeah, that one.

Well, I didn’t get in.

Not that I really expected to. (Almost nobody gets in the first time round; it’s like a rite of passage: You have to have suffered through the test at least 2× in order to become a doctor or something.) Still it’s somewhat disappointing. Especially, since two people I know did make it (which is petty, unfair, and childish I know but gaaah).

So, that was two weeks ago. Ever since then I’ve been scrambling about trying to figure out what to do with myself for the next 12 months.

Should I study something else?

Should I take the year off and travel?

What if I don’t make the cut next year either? Should I then still pursue my dream to becoming a doctor?

Would it be better to study abroad instead? But doesn’t that cost like a bucket load of money?brain smiley

It basically came down to these 3 questions:

Do I still want to study medicine and become a doctor?

How much do I want it?

What would I be willing to do in order to achieve my goal?

The answers are:


With my whole heart.

Everything legally possible.

Which brings us to step numero 3: getting my sh*t together and start planning my future like the grown up I supposedly am.


After some contemplation this is what I came up with:

I will redo the test next year and pass (failure is not an option).

In the meantime, I’ll be studying biotechnology. It sounds interesting enough and has the added bonus of being very similar to medicine, at least during the first semester.

And because life can’t be all work and no play, I’m hoping to get a chance to visit my relatives in Holland (I’ve never been before, have you?), get my driver’s license (!!!) and, if possible, do some volunteer work on the side.

What do you think? Sound like a plan? smile

Ok, let’s do this!!!!


How do you deal with rejection?

Do you need a certain sense of structure in life?

Who else has no idea where they’ll be in 2 years’ time?

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14 thoughts on “When life gives you lemons it’s time for tequila

  1. A doctor? Wow… suddenly, becoming a dog trainer and a farmer seems a lot less ambitious.

    • Hahaha naaah don’t think that! I always considered jobs involving animals to hard work; at least I’ll be able to communicate with my patient!

      • True, true. You can communicate with animals, though, just usually not with words. I have no problem communicating with dogs; it’s people that can be difficult for me!

        • I wish I had that ability…
          Haha yes I know what you mean, the human species can be quit cryptic.

  2. I have no idea where I’ll be in 2 years either, Cora! My life is changing all the time. I trust in God know he holds my future in the palm of His hand :)

    • At the risk of sounding like a horribly person: phew I’m glad. It’s just nice to know I’m not the only confused little person out there. :P

  3. LH32

    Sounds like a great plan! Good luck!

  4. The mantra I stick to, through success and failure, is this:

    The difference between can and can’t is will power.
    The difference between will and won’t is inebriation.

    If nothing else, it usually earns a laugh, but I believe in it.

    • Hahaha well there does seem to be a certain truth about that mantra. XD

  5. I’m terrified of rejection but, most times, I’ve realised that it probably worked out better being rejected. I don’t actually know where I’ll be in 2 years but I really hope I’ll be somewhere abroad ?
    Holland sounds amazing! Have you taken any driving lessons already?

    • I just realised that I sent this comment anonymously (oops)

      • Phew! It’s you! I was low-key terrified someone from the real world had finally found me online so this is a nice turn of events :P
        Uuh yes somewhere abroad would be exciting! Do you have a specific place in mind?
        Yes I’ve already started my driving lessons, but I have yet to sit behind the steering wheel. So far it’s just theory lessons.

        • Sorry about that! I have no clue but, hopefully, somewhere far ?
          Ohh, soon you’ll be driving around everywhere, that’s so exciting! ?

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