The last box on my To Do List

People. People. People.

The moment is here.

I am finally down to the last square on my seemingly endless “things I should have finished yesterday” list.

My To Do list almost, almost done!!(The last thing standing between me and happiness.)


Now, I just have to finally tick off that liiiiittle box right there at the bottom and then, ohohoho then it’s Christmas time ladies and gentlemen! Cue in bakin’ cookie, makin’ presents, sleepin’ till noon. Oh and some seeeeeerious readin’ I’m currently in such a good book, like, ohmygosh.

I also plan on going back to blogging regularly. The exams and end of the year stress had burned my creativity to a crisp and I, for the love within me, couldn’t bring out a single decent post.


BlankDocument(Oh how thy mock me)


However, please forgive, I plan on taking things down a notch in hopes of avoiding another hitting-my-head-against-the-table-in-hopes-of-loosing-few-words  (and loads of helpful advice by my fellow bloggers) to posting about once a weekish. You know, start things niice ‘n slooooow. Turtle style.   


So what’s new with you guys?  

Did anything exciting happen while I was away?


Well there are only two thing worth mentioning

I have a new-found love for dragons which is slowly but certainly turning into an obsession (oh and by the way, Prof. VJ Duke, the dragons have hatched. I repeat the dragons in A.G.O.T. have hatched!!!!) 

      Bangs. I got bangs. 

This is a relatively new change (in fact it happened yesterday) and quite surprising at that. I can’t really convey how I got them, mostly because I don’t really know myself.

Maybe the hairdresser was having a bad day?

Or a good one?

Simply put she told me fringes would suit me, asked if I wanted some and before I could even open my mouth she started snip snip snipping away. So I shut my mouth again and decided to go with it (it was too late to change anything anyways…).

I haven’t quite decided if I like them yet, but that’s probably because I didn’t have a minimum 1.5 weeks to mentally prepare for the event (I should add I don’t like change tongue ).

My family thinks they look good and my mom is the last person to lie about things like this sooooo…….



Questions: Did December bring any unexpected changes? Have you bought all your Christmas presents yet? ? Anyone else love dragons as much as I do? 



Big red checked off box

(Now that. is what I’m going for!)


15 thoughts on “The last box on my To Do List

  1. ThatBearNextDoor

    Christmas is in 3 days and I still haven’t finished (wait, that’s a lie) I still haven’t started my Christmas shopping. ?
    My mum’s given me gifts to give to other people but I’ve still got a whole load of gifts to buy -I’m terrible!
    Have you got got all of your presents sorted?

    • Cora

      Hahaha I know the feeling ? well I kiiiiiinda have my presents sorted. In other words I order my mom to buy them for me. Now I still have to face the battle with the wrapping paper and then I’m good to go :) ?

      • ThatBearNextDoor

        Merry Christmas (Even though, technically, Christmas ended 12 minutes ago for me) ??

        • Cora

          Ooooh I just saw this now! ?? Merry Christmas to you too!! :D :P (Even though technically, Christmas ended 3 days ago ?)

  2. The dragons have hatched, the dragons have hatched! Finally. Now I won’t need to feel like I’ve spoiled anything. I hope they’re red dragons.

    So, once a week-ish is a great start, I say. Bangs are great, just have a sweat band if you run, workout, etc. *knows from experience* And I’ve finished gathering all the gifts! Now to wrap. Grr.

    • Cora

      What, no! Why? Red dragons are evil! I hope they’re gold dragons; or brass! :D
      Thank you for the advice! I will keep that in mind next time I go running. (note to self: buy headband).
      Hahaha I feel you, although, if you put on some music,wrapping is only half as bad, if you ask me :P

      • Because everything is better red! Example: Sith lightsabers. They’re red!! A gold dragon…would just seem old, you know.

        Music definitely does the trick. Like the Nutcracker, for instance.

        • Cora

          Gold isn’t old it’s ageless. But difference.
          Nutcracker is a good idea! Personally I love listening to the PTX Christmas album :)

          • Ageless! That’s super cool, the sudden. I want to be ageless, the sudden. Hm.

            PTX is awesome! Incredible what they can do with just voices, huh?

  3. What book are you reading? I’m reading Great Expectations. It’s so weird. But then, it’s Dickens. What was I expecting? I think I like it so far(?).

    • Cora

      Haha yeah Dickens is an acquired taste. Currently I’m reading A Game of Thrones and I love it so so much! Do you know it? Have you read it? Or watched the series? :)

      • Hmmmm I haven’t heard of the book. I’ve heard of the show. I thought I heard it was kinda violent.(?) I’m not a fan of violence. At the moment I’m ridiculously excited about the X Files coming back. My favorite show of all time, though, would have to be Lost.
        If you’re ever looking for a really long book to read, try Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrel. Simply a masterpiece. :)

        • Cora

          I’ve never seen the show before though I too hear it’s kinda brutal. The first book wasn’t that bad but I’m in the second one now and things are getting rather bloody….
          Oh the X-Files are coming up!? Sadly they aren’t steamed in Austria so I have to watch them online. Also I can’t vote :(
          Uuh I’ll have to check it out and can’t let a masterpiece slip through my fingers can I ;)

          • Yeah, you don’t see a masterpiece everyday. Is it just me, or are there fewer good books being written then there used to be?
            Did you watch he original X Files episodes? I just LOVE them, though I admit I skipped the cockroach one.

          • Cora

            Actually I’m like quite a few books written in this time :) although I guess you could say nowadays literature is more about “entertaining”, while back in the olden days books conveyed a message, had a different meaning every time you read one and inspired you to think. Of course you can’t generalize, but that’s just my opinion and I guess it depends which type you like more, heavy or light reading :)
            Haha my bad I confused X Files with X Factor. ? I’ve never watched X Files before.

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