Keeping the memories alive. (This isn’t as deep as it sounds)

Heeeeello beautiful readers!!!
Happy New Year to AAAALL of you!!! bigsmile
How did you spend the last minutes of 2014? Did you go out with friends? Did you stay in and celebrate with your family? Vice Versa?
Oh really?! Wow that sounds like fun!! Go you!!! bigsmile
You wanna know how I spent my Silvester Night?
Like the hardcore party person I am…..
I wouldn’t be embarrassed except for the little fact that a nine year old girl outdid me by hours!
Oh well I guess old people need more sleep….

(You know I miss my awesome smileys… I can’t wait till I get home and I can use them again tongue heart *sighs happily* )

You know what? I am in a ridiculous good mood right now bigsmile
I’m still situated on that uncomfortable bed from last time, but this time I’m listening to music with my bro and click-clacking away cheerfully on the wireless keyboard I got for Christmas. Nothing special happened today and yet I am has happy as a dog running over a green field.

(Jabadabadoooooo tongue )

Which leads me to my next point: This year I plan to make a memory chest. Now, even some of the most sophisticated people out there will be having a hard time understanding what I mean, so let me elaborate. A finished memory chest (or jar or notebook) contains 365 little notes holding one happy memory of each day that year. Which means I have to write down one good thing that happened that day smile . This was inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Running With Spoons, and if you still have no idea what I’m talking about let me send you over to one of her posts where you shall find a more detailed description of what I’m going on about wink
That being said I have only one other goal I want to reach, but I probably won’t be able to reach it anytime soon…..:
I want to be a famous blogger!!!!!!!!
It’s something I realized a few days ago and I can’t get rid of the idea…. I want to be a famous blogger soooo bad!!!!!! >(0.0)<
… I guess I just have to wait and see what 2015 has planned for me….

Happy 1.1.2015 Everyone smile

. heart .

8 thoughts on “Keeping the memories alive. (This isn’t as deep as it sounds)

  1. *laughs* You had me worried for a second, cause I spent it sleeping, too!

    • Phew good to know I wasn’t the only one…. Sleepiness high five!!

      • *high-five* You weren’t! I should have stayed up and drunk tea…oh well. Probably won’t do it next year either!

  2. Happy new year! You think sleeping is bad? I spent the last couple of minutes arguing with my family over whose watch is more accurate! :-P Good luck with the memory chest, sounds like a cool idea.

  3. That dog sure does look happy. :D Simple moments of happiness like that are beyond awesome. And sleep is awesome too. What did 2014 ever do to deserve our attention to its dying moments anyway?
    The memory chest sounds like a very neat idea indeed. I may have to try it myself.

  4. I made one of those for 2014!! It was really fun to go back and read all of them on New Year’s Eve :D

  5. I used to fill a box with the dreams i had as well as really random things but i could only get up to 100 things (i really just wanted to read everything)

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