It’s Dec. 25th…. Whatever could this post be about…?

Heyo Guys!!!!!!

Wazzzap??? bigsmile

I’m taking a short break of all the festivity to wish all you wonderful people a very Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!  💚 bigsmile heart 💜 💙 heart

Cute Animated Merry Christmas Wallpaper

I hope you are having a magical ✨ time with your families and friends, cats and dogs, significant other or simply solo mio (which I know means sun, but for some reason I use it in the context of “solo”…. I wouldn’t know why though….)

I don’t know if I’ll be able to post regularly the upcoming week, because my family and I are going skiing!!!!! YAAAAY!!!! (Keep your fingers crossed for snow though….. Winter has been kinda weak in our neck of the woods.)

But by my guest and check in next week Monday and of course Thursday wink who knows maybe I’ll have a little extra time on my hands wink

If not feel free to browse through my older posts tongue

Here, I’ll give you a head start:

Wanna click here?    Oooor here?     Maybe here??  Uh!Uh! Try this one!!!!    Ooooh what ever could be here??



Once again Merry Christmas to you all!!! Happy Holidays and a Sensational Season!!!

And don’t forget to eat cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!


wink tongue

6 thoughts on “It’s Dec. 25th…. Whatever could this post be about…?

  1. And I did eat a cookie today! Mission accomplished.
    A very happy Christmas to you and your family as well! May your days be merry and bright… whether Christmas is white or not…

  2. Thank you :D right back at ya ;)

    • Wow that was weird… I accidentally hit backspace twice, instead of enter, suddenly my screen went blank and now there are two identical replies….. I think the Ghost of Christmas is trying to tell me something……..

  3. -munching cookie- Merry Christmas and good luck in your quest for snow!

    • Thank you :D and Happy Holidays (can’t really say Christmas anymore, can ya….? *sniff*) to you too :P ;)

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