*insert excited squeaking here*

Oooooooh I’m soooo excited, I’m going to a concert tonight!!!!!!


I’ve never been to a concert before (yes I know that’s sad. Don’t give me that look!) and oooooh I can’t wait until tonight!!!

 It’s One Republic in case any of you where wondering

I’m giddy with excitement!! Practically jumping up and down,clapping my hands, twirling around, up the stairs, down the stairs……


(This is normally the moment where us German folk say: “Jes sas na” , don’t ask me why Germans are weird…..)

And now comes the age old question of every concert newbie (especially if you’re female): What do I wear??

No seriously I’m standing in front of my closet completely clueless….. Do I wear a skirt? Black jeans? Blue jeans? A T-Shirt? A sweater? I don’t know!!!!



#confusion o.O

I also just realized I have no idea what one does during a concert….dont no smiley

Does one dance?dancing smiley   Does one sing along?    All of the above? Gosh this is actually kinda embarrassing……. 17 years old and never been to a concert eieiei…..

Oh in case anyone was wondering (which you probably weren’t, but just play along ) I decided to go with the black jeans and a black T-Shirt, based on the fact that you can never go wrong with jeans and black .

Goodness gracious, it’s 5:44 PM!!!

I must get ready! Fair thee well!!!!



(I apologize for the excessive use of smileys in this post…. I hope you were still able to read the few words sprinkled in between the moving heads  and speaking of apologies: “I said it’s too late to apologize. It’s too late. Ooooh” )

4 thoughts on “*insert excited squeaking here*

  1. I went to my first concert at the age of 21… how’s that for late? XD
    Hope you have fun!!

    • :)
      I did thanks, I had soooo much fun!!!! :D Although now I really know the meaning of “nursing cup of coffee” (with nutella ;) ) I am soooooooo tired

  2. Yay! I bet it was pretty neat to see them. I don’t know if I’d say 17 is that late. I’ve only ever been to local orchestra concerts, which I imagine are quite different. :) What was is like? Did you dance or sing along? Were people dreadfully noisy? Just curious… :)

  3. Ohoho it was soo much fun!!! Yes One Republic was awesome!

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