I wrote this a week ago but I fell asleep and forgot…….

When life knocks you down, stay down and take a freaking nap. Trust me no one will notice.

At least I won’t. ‘Cause I’ll be zonked out next to you.




That’s pretty much all I’ve been doing since we last spoke.

Sleeping and studying that is but who cares about the latter one.

I’ve been falling asleep all over the place lately.

On the tram ride to school.

On the tram ride from school.

During Latin tutoring. (I swear I’m not joking, she went to the bathroom for a sec and before you know it my head plonked onto my books and I decided this dictionary was probably the most comfortable pillow I ever had.)

While studying for math. (Again. Not kidding. You’d think I’d be going crazy studying with my traumatic math history n all baaaat noo…)

The ironic thing is,  just last week I told my mom I felt I didn’t need that much sleep anymore and must finally be turning into a grown up.

Jaauuuza was I wrong!!!

Heck just 30 minutes ago I was catching some serious Zzzs instead of getting my work done!!!


The amount of coffee I had to drink just to get a little action going is astounding. (The amount of coffee pictures I took ain’t for the fainthearted either…)




(…it never did…)






(Eagerly awaiting my morning cup of life)





(Mocha Fappuccino, a girl’s best friend)



016 (2)

(A little photo shoot featuring a few of my closest friends.)


Needless to say there wasn’t enough coffee in the world to keep me awake.

My point: Sleep. Sleep whenever your body demands it. Heck I slept 50% of the time I actually should’ve spent studying and my exams turned out ok (well, except for geography but then again I could’ve been an enlightened Buddha who had just found inner peace and had meditated for a week and still have had a hard time answering those questions)

Who knows maybe your brain absorbs knowledge while sleeping on your school books.

Maybe having a dictionary under your pillow makes you smarter, I don’t know.

But either way, trust me on this one, you need to sleep!!

No amount of coffee (yes it pains me to write this), energy drinks, or other caffeinated liquids have the same refreshing effect as a full nights sleep.

So take my word for it and the next time a dizzying dose of tiredness attacks don’t fight it. Instead welcome it with open arms and find a pillow asap. 

Now if you’ll excuse me Imma do it like my buddy Garfield over here:

Garfield on 27th December 1980


Sleep tight y’all 

One thought on “I wrote this a week ago but I fell asleep and forgot…….

  1. “I’ve been falling asleep all over the place, lately.” That was awesome. Also? I can totally relate. I LOVE sleep almost as much as I love coffee. Actually, it would be tie between those two. And sometimes, I find myself fighting the sleep but simultaneously fantasizing about crawling back under the covers and sleeping for the next few weeks. You’re right… why fight it?

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