A glimpse of my Saturday


Guys. The things I get done when I’m not studying for anything iikey are AMAZING!!!


Like, check out what I did today:

+ I “cleaned my room” (aka found an old photo album and spent 3 hours reminiscing about the ol’ days)


Interesting facts from my earlier days:

I was the only girl in my kindergarten class.

I had a friend called Jackson Stewart (could we take a moment to appreciate the momentum of this fact)

The dad of my closest friend was a stunt man.




+Slayed a dragon



(Yes I know I’m zapping at a tree, but I didn’t have time to snap a pic of the dragon, due to the risk of headache, blood loss, 3rd degree burning and possible death.)


+Did some serious baking (and I do mean serious. I’m taking about chocolate chip cookies, granola bars and brownies all in one go)


(Hide your wives and your children a Cora was let lose in the kitchen)





(Don’t mind me just spamming y’all with cookies pictures…)




(…with a few brownie pics thrown in between)



(Oh sweet perfection…)


+Won a Grammy 





+Took pictures of my feet. (Don’t ask me why)



+Cooked dinner with ma bro (parents were off being fancy at a garden party. (it rained- hihihihihi (I’m a horrible person.)))

+And finished the day off watching Django Unchained. (Talk about a fudged up movie!!! I wasn’t sure if I should laugh, cry or run away screaming in   horror…. Talk about emotional befuddlement)

+Also I found some links from fellow bloggers I felt like sharing 

The wishes of an introvert – an awesome poemy thingy; by The Beleaguered (yes I too had to look up the meaning of this word) Servant 

Lipstick, Flannel, Boybands an uplifting post that made me smile; by LostGirlsNotebook

Iced Vanilla Lattes and Blueberry Mini Scones (Warning: This is NOT a recipe!) completely random that had me laughing all the way through; by Under and Over, Around and Through

Disney Vans I WANTS THOSE SHOES!! And that dress and uugh simply everything on the photos!! Normally I’m not that into fashion blogs, but this is an exception; by Hello Miss Jordan

Beauty and Bitchiness insightful, though provoking, just plain amazing; by The Little Life of Little Me


Feel free to add your link to the comment section I love reading new posts and discovering zazzy blogs 


Question #1: Who else had a great day? Tell me all about it!!! I want to know everything bigsmile











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