I think I killed my cell in the process of this post…..

Hello People!!!! smile
How are you??
Tell me
*leans forward expectingly*
How was your Christmas????
As I write this grandiose (now that’s a word, eeh?!) post, I am currently sitting in a rather cold room, on a rather hard bed, leaning against a rather uncomfortable pillow…. or, to put it differently, I’m on my skiing trip!!! (Now seriously, does one say on a skiing trip. Or in? Or over? Or under?)
Anyways, today was the first skiing day and I have one thing to say:
Dear Goosey if this ain’t cold, I don’t want to live in Canada!! (No offense to all my Canadian Friends out there wink )
Like guuuurl it never “warmed” over -16°C (according to Google that’s 3.2°F) and there was this icy wind blowing and brrr. Short version: It was cold. But there is snow out here which is good, otherwise the whole skiing thing would be kind of a fail, don’t ya think??
UUH!! Wait!! I think I even have a picture!!
Don’t move!!!

(Note: this was in the morning…. Things clouded up quickly after that…)

Well it’s kinda late here in good ole Austria, so this post is slowly coming to an end. Also I’m writing this on my cell phone which is kinda awkward and sorta hems the creative flow, ya know?
I hope you people have a wonderful day, morning, evening, night and I will definitely (read: hopefully) see you guys on Thursday!!!!! bigsmile tongue


One thought on “I think I killed my cell in the process of this post…..

  1. XD It is indeed “on” a skiing trip, though I don’t know why.
    Have fun skiing in Celsius-land! Which is… oh wait, THE ENTIRE REST OF THE WORLD. Wake up, America… :)

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