My parents haven’t hit the roof, they’ve crashed through it….


It’s official.

My parents have gone crazy.

They were already acting weird when my brother and I tried to plan something for August with our friends, so we were guessing there was some surprise trip planned during that time. My bro was hoping for New York, while was I voting for somewhere in Italy.

Guess what it turned out to be.

A trip (at least we got that part right)

to (now the Bro and moi could not have been more wrong)

Papua New Guinea (I had to freaking google the spelling of this country!!)


But, ma darlings, it doesn’t stop there.

‘Cause my parents seemed to be in a very YOLO-y mood when planning this trip they decided oh what the heck, we’re already waaay over there might as well add a week IN SINGAPORE!!!!

Y’all that’s four weeks!! Four weeks in the freaking tropics somewhere all the way over…… there. Heck I don’t even know where Papua New Guinea is!! Let alone Singapore. I just get a very easty feeling when thinking about them.

Hold on I’ll look for a world map.

*insert elevator music here*

Holy Mother of Goose would ya look at that!!!!

Ok wait, let me explain. So here I am innocently googling for a map of Papua New Guinea when I find this:



Uummm Mom? Is there something you want to tell me….?

Yeah, could you excuse me for a sec? I NEEDS TO TALK TO MA SUPERVISORS.

Nopes they say it’s perfectly safe where we are going and only a few tribes are left that still practice cannibalism. *gulp*

I also found a map in case anyone’s interested

Ahha close to Australia I see. Any Aussies out there who’ve visited aforementioned island(country?) before? Did y’all come back alive? Do y’all still have your limbs? Any cats that had to be sacrificed?

Ok Singapore looks freaking AMAZING though.



I could not be more excited!!!!!!!!

The only teeny weeny downside (aside from the man eater thingy that is) is the time it takes to travel there.

Total travel time is 2 days. Including plane ride (well duh) and stopovers at various airports. 


What in the name of Coffee should I pack into my hand luggage? Aside from the usually books, iPod, etc.

Probably toothbrush? Toothpaste? Extra set of clothing?

Sounds about right, don’t it? 

I hereby wish you all farewell. I have a few posts scheduled for the upcoming Sundays, be sure to check them out wink

I probably won’t get a chance to reply to any comments or check out any of your posts though cause I have no idea how the WiFi situation is going to be. Sorry. uneasy

Ok. I’m going now.

Gonna miss you!!!


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5 thoughts on “My parents haven’t hit the roof, they’ve crashed through it….

  1. Ohh wow, have fun! (:

    • Cora

      Thank You!!! :D I’m having an awesome time!!

    • Cora

      Thankssss ? I’m having a great time!!

  2. Holy crappers, woman. SO EXCITING. Woo-hoo! Post lots of pictures when you get back. And of course, HAVE FUN!

    • Cora

      THANK YOU!!! And yes I’ll be posting LOTS of pics when I get back ??

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