I could hang here. I could definitely hang here.

Honestly I hadn’t expected to be this completely mind blown by London.

And yet here I am barely 2 days in and already asking my mom if I could go to university here.

I don’t even mind the not-that-great weather!!!




Daaaang London is big though! I thought I know a little something about big cities living in Vienna and all, but walking into this huge mall or waiting for the underground tube (did you know they come at a two minute interval!!?? Can I say awesome!!!?) I felt like freaking Heidi from the Alps.

So what did I do the last 2 days you ask? Well, to be honest I spent most of my time wandering cluelessly around Canary Warf and the Canary Warf subterranean mall trying fruitlessly to get a bearing of my surroundings.


London2015 015(Trying to blend in with the mass cool  )



The rest I spent at Starbucks.




Just kidding. (A little.)


Here are some Snapchats I sent during my first day:










Fascinating, eh?

Tomorrow I’ll probably check out the London Eye, Buckingham and other touristy spots 

London2015 046(Now, how to get there…?)


I’ve got one word for you.


The place to be. I could hardly contain my moan of pleasure (interpret that as you want) when I found the notebook section.





The book section isn’t too shabby either.

moreLondon2015 063



moreLondon2015 061(I only have this in Black & White as I suddenly had the urge to play around with different filters….)



Also Waterstones gets me like no one else before:

moreLondon2015 065


So naturally my next stop was Frozen Yogurt. (How in the name Gummibear do you write yoghurt? With h? Or without? Yogurt? Yoghurt? Yohgrtjrt? Anybody?)

moreLondon2015 017picmonkey


And no London day is complete without a musical in the evening to round things off.

I had the pleasure of witnessing the much controversial opinionated Lord of the Dance. (To the windowww to the waaaaaall )

Not what I expected.

Lots of tap dancing.

Not really a musical.

And some topless guys thrown in for good measure.

I liked it (and not just because of the respectable amount of sixpacks).

My mom not so much.

Either way neither of us was flabbergasted. But fun was had either way. smile


Look I’ve even made a new friend bigsmile




Speaking of friends, any London bloggers out there who feel like meeting up? :D


Ok y’all I’m going to log off now as the sun is actually shining!!

A very rare sight, indeed.



2 thoughts on “I could hang here. I could definitely hang here.

  1. Um… you went to London without me? YOU JERK. I kid… kind of… because I’m ridiculously jealous right now. Jerk…

    • Cora

      Hahahaha sorry? Next time we’ll plan a London trip together

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