Huh, I’m 18. Not what I expected…. View is good though.

Being 18 is sooo not what I expected.

I mean, hello I’m, a grown up. An official adult. Y’all need to be showing some respect.

So far people think I’m joking when I tell them my age….

Funny story pops to mind: The tennis trainer my bro and I had for 7 years actually asked if we were twins or if my brother was older.


So anyways please enjoy some realizations I’ve made about being 18.

(Spoiler alert. It ain’t all it’s cut out to be)

♠ the characters in all those teen/young adult books are younger than me

♠ I’m just as dumb as I was 3 years ago

♠ got a bit more back bone though

♠ I like to think I’m sassy. My brother would beg to differ

♠ still waiting for that first kiss

♠ and boyfriend (don’t judge me)

♠ I have friends 2 years younger who’ve had more “action” (if ya know what I’m talking about. *gives you a long meaningful look*) than I probably ever will

♠ Heck, everybody seems to be younger and more experienced than me!

♠ I’ve only been to 1 wedding

♠ I’m still stuck in school

♠ I can’t drive

♠ I still live at home

♠ I hate going out

♠ still waiting for that Hogwarts letter

♠ embarrassing things continue to happen, but I tend to forget about them more quickly due to old age

♠ younger me had waaaay to high expectations of 18 year old me. Like daaaang gurl time to chill.

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7 thoughts on “Huh, I’m 18. Not what I expected…. View is good though.

  1. *bursts into room with confetti gun*
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORA!!!!!!!!! *fireworks in distance* Not all it’s cut out to be, eh? Well dang. I was looking forward to it… :D
    It is soooo weird to realize you’re younger than the protagonists of most YA novels, isn’t it? o.0
    *more fireworks*
    *21 gun salute*
    *random cheering*

    • Cora

      Hahahahaha THANK YOU!!!! ? are you 18 yet??
      Yes I know right!!! They’re like barely 16 and experiencing life to an extreme and then there’s 18 year old me watching Netflix……..

      • Not quite; I’ll be 18 in February. *nods*
        XD Pretty much. Kids these days…

  2. *laughing* That’s exactly how I feel when I read YA books now. I’m just very old now is all. That’s what I tell myself.

    • Cora

      Haha yup!! It’s just so awkward when you think “Those little biscuits are like way past their bed time…..”

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